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Jul 27, 2009 09:35 PM

Wine on the Las Vegas strip?

I'm going to Las Vegas this weekend, and getting in late Friday night (around 10:30). I know my eating options on the strip pretty well, but what if I just want a good bottle of wine? I want to hang out with a friend & down a good bottle of red with some appetizers.

My first choice is sitting at the bar at Aureole, but are there any other good options? Where would have a decent wine list without, say, the insane markup that the top-flight restaurants tack on? Does Paris have a good spot for wine? Is there someplace else to consider?

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  1. Aureole is a fine choice for what you are looking for.

    Fleur du lys next door is also a good choice.

    CUT has fantastic apps and the pretzel bread is downright legendary.

    While I would by no means suggest B&B for a full dinner, they have some excellent apps (mint love letters) and a great selection of Italian wines. Enoteca is a less expensive and less committing Batali choice which still delivers good food and reasonably priced (for Vegas) Italian wines.

    I'm really longing to go to Vegas to eat great food and drink great wines. Hopefully soon.

    1. Could you expand a little more on your needs ...

      They way your post is worded, it appears that you are looking for a late night place open after you get in on Friday night after 10:30. If so, your options are extremely limited as most of the good restaurants in the resorts close promptly at 10:00 or 11:00 on the weekends. The "unionized" resorts are notorious for giving anyone the stink eye if they are overstaying their welcome - that might be something that doesn't bother you but it makes me really uncomfortable. The Venetian is one of the only non-union resorts on the Strip and I'm struggling to come up with something there that is open late night. Even Envy closes up shop at 10:00 every night. That being said, the only place that quickly comes to mind is a place out in Summerlin ( quite a haul ) called Becker's that is open 24/7 that has a nice wine list.

      Places like Red Square & Rum Jungle at Mandalay Bay are restaurants that turn into late night bar/clubs; but if you are trying to have some conversation with a buddy without the thumping in your head, I wouldn't recommend them.

      If you are looking for a bit earlier on another day then your options are numerous.

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        Well my needs are pretty simple, just a good place to enjoy a bottle of wine around 11:00ish. I know that I'm going to have to look beyond restaurants to find a place to be able to sit back and actually enjoy the wine.

        Auerole is still in the lead - their bar is open until midnight.

        What's B&B? And where's Enoteca?

        1. re: Detroit Slim

          I always thought the same thing about Aureole but I was at Mandalay two weeks ago around 11:15-11:30-ish and it was all closed up. Not even the bar was open. Now, granted this was a Tuesday night but I'd be sure about it before you count on it. It's one of those places that I could see cutting their hours right now.

          B&B and Enoteca San Marco are both at the Venetian. B&B is Batali's upscale restaurant and is downstairs in the casino level and Enoteca is upstairs in St. Mark's Square. Website says B&B is open until 11:00 and Enoteca is open until 12:00 a.m. on Fri/Sat. That might be a good bet also.

          1. re: mtngirlnv

            Ah, nuts. I hadn't been in years, obviously, but it was always a nice way to have a good dinner after work for those of us in the industry. I never cared much for the video poker at the bar but it comes with the territory I suppose.

            That's a shame, but I guess it doesn't really surprise me given the location and the way the economy has turned out.

        2. For what you are describing, I'd recommend Helix. Their wine shop, just across the area is the Double Helix.



          Legal Sea Foods - Atlanta
          275 Baker St NW, Atlanta, GA 30313