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Jul 27, 2009 09:12 PM

Sunday Brunch in the City

Looking for a new place for brunch. Don't want to wear jacket/tie for the Ritz. Been to the Mark (loved it but want something different). Been to plenty of great crepe restaurants but I want something more. Open to area and price...just give me suggestions! Thanks.

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  1. one has any recommendations? Where do you eat on sunday morning???

    1. A little more information is always helpful in getting a response. Open to area and price means the whole city and yet it's specific to different. What do you mean by different? Hippie/boho-ish? Cool, hip, scenesters?

      If you do a search and read a little and mention a few that sound good to you, people will usually comment on the pluses and minuses of any place and then more recs pop-up.

      Any way, here's the search for brunch in SF.

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      1. re: ML8000

        My favorite brunches in the city and favorite items to order:

        Foreign Cinema (homemade pop tarts and fantastic bacon!)
        Slow Club (breakfast sandwich)
        Serpentine (red fennel hash)

      2. I have a feeling this isn't what you're thinking of, but here goes anyway.

        dim sum brunch at Yank Sing (Rincon Center location)
        Vietnamese coffee, cha gio, chicken pho at Turtle Tower
        Moroccan at Cafe Zitouna

        ala carte brunch at Canteen
        Sunday brunch at Incanto (are they still doing it? their website makes no mention...)

          1. re: wolfe

            Good recommendation. Not in the city, but in the same vein as Cliff House is Murray Circle.

          2. Butler & the Chef on South Park