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Jul 27, 2009 08:39 PM

Las Vegas Recession Deals

Hi - I'm from NYC making a trip out to Vegas this weekend. Are there any "recession deals" going on at the top (& expensive) restaurants here in Vegas? There are so many going on in NYC that it's almost impossible to track - but some websites are doing a great job :)

For instance, I'm getting in this Thurs and looking to do a late meal (probably 9 PM or after) that day.

I've been to Vegas a couple of times and been to CUT, Michael Mina, and Rosemary's. Enjoyed all of them.

I'm staying at the Palazzo so I would prefer a restaurant in one of the hotel/casino's (doesn't have to be in the Venetian/Palazzo).

Also I read about a Wolfgang Puck 25% discount. Does that only apply to Vegas locals?

Thanks Vegas Chowhounders!

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  1. 25% Puck discount. Not just for locals. I used it a couple weeks ago no problem.

    Most of the places in the Wynn have recession specials right now but they're for earlier seating. I think Stratta has one that runs later though. Search the board for Taste of Wynn.

    MGM Grand has several deals going on too. See their website.

    There's a thread somewhere on here discussing the recession deals with a nice summary of most.

    Here's a report from my trip earlier this month where we tried to hit several.

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      I believe Chinois closed this past weekend.

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          As stated above, the restos at the MGM have a lot of summer tasting menus and the like. Ex: Craftsteak has a $60 tasting which i thought was a hell of deal though I I didn't partake.

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            L'Atelier has three courses for $39. Sit at the food bar and it's probably the best show in town.