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Jul 27, 2009 08:25 PM

Tell me about garlic crab (as seen on No Res)

So Anthony goes to Baltimore and ends up eating garlic crabs - they look delicious. I've had garlic crabs in Georgia, but I don't recall having a creamy looking sauce. Where can I find this tasty treat, other than that ghetto bar/restaurant that Anthony went to?

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  1. We're unfamiliar with them in Bawlmer, but we're familiar with Mr. Bourdain, who worked here and had a rough time. Here's a relevant Sun thread:

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      Also make sure to read the tv critic's take on this, and the many, many responses:

      (And, not having cable, I didn't see the episode, but do have to tell you that when I first saw the title of your thread, before the parenthesis, I thought you were talking about some sort of Singaporean crab delight! Who even knew that such a thing was local?!?)

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. You mean the "ghetto bar/restaurant" that's half a block south of Little Italy, half a block north of Harbor East, half a block west of Whole Foods and a block east of Harborwalk?

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          Mo's Seafood. The article linked above (actually in the comments) does not have nice things to say about the location of that establishment.

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            Yup. That's the one. Lived a block and a half away and either my wife or I walked by it almost every day (and almost every night) for the past two years. And all this time, those crowds of tourists wearing shorts and pastel polo shirts who walked in every evening to eat were apparently lucky to escape with their lives. Who knew!

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              I think the negative comments are about Mo's itself, not about it's location. Seriously, there's absolutely nothing wrong with the Mo's neighborhood (between Little Italy and Harbor East), so don't let that discourage you. As for the garlic crabs, I don't remember ever seeing them before. They also have a location in Glen Burnie, but I don't see how that's any better than Little Italy.

        2. Wow. I watched last night's episode and took it for what it was: an outside back handed slap by a pretentious New Yorker. Really?! He has the audacity to ask two life long Baltimore residents why they stay? With a straight face? Because its the Greatest City in America, jerk. The park benches told me so.
          / end rant

          As for the original poster, this forum exists so that locals can share their knowledge of hidden gems and chow-worthy spots. You'd be better served perusing the board then taking advice from a 15 min segment of TV.

          Mo's is in Little Italy, not the ghetto, though I can see how you could arrive at that conclusion from the show. It is an average "seafood" place that barely rates a mention on this board.

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            I'm getting the feeling that garlic crab is not really a Baltimore thing. I was hoping there are restaurants better than Mo's that serves this dish (I didn't think Mo's looked all that good).

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              There is a thread on the FOOD MEDIA AND NEWS Board about this episode......

            2. Eric, if you want to try real garlic crabs, to to Kaufman's Tavern in Gambrills. They're not always on the menu, but you can always ask and they will make them for you. It's usually two large crabs that are steamed and then split and cleaned out and topped with sauce of garlic butter, chopped garlic, parsley and white wine. Not for everybody, but I enjoy them. (~$12) Kaufman's has had them on the menu for at least a quarter century. Kaufman's:

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                1. re: crackers

                  Sounds like a great tip. Any other items at Kaufman's worth considering?

                  1. re: Steve

                    Steve, they do a good job with steamed crabs if you're in the general vicinity of Millersville and want a locally owned place that serves chicken, steaks, etc., and is not as rustic as Cantlers and other waterfront crabshacks. They have good weekly specials too: An all 'round good family restaurant - a place to take the "I'm not sure about this crab thing" relatives (especially with young children) from out of town.