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Jul 27, 2009 08:15 PM

Food at the Lafayette Park Hotel?

We've got family members who are going to be staying at the Lafayette Park hotel (in Lafayette) this weekend. We're wondering if the food there--at the main restaurant the Duck Club--and the cheaper Bistro at the Park is decent, horribly overpriced, what. Also if there are any other restaurants in Lafayette, or secondarily Walnut Creek, that would have decent vegetarian or maybe fish-based meals. Thanks.

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  1. I have been eating at the Bistro and the Duck Club for years at the Lafayette Park Hotel & Spa and they are by far the top restaurants in the area. In fact we are attending a Russian River Beer Dinner this evening at the Bistro. If you go (Bistro) make sure you order their kobe burger. It is out of this world. You can't go wrong with any of the entrees at the Duck Club. They have an amazing chef. You will not be disappointed.

    1. Here is a thread on a new restaurant very close by that some folks found enjoyable, Artisan Bistro.

      Artisan Bistro
      1005 Brown Avenue, Lafayette, CA 94549

      1. The food at the two restaurants in the LPH is well above average to excellent. The balsamic chicken in the Bistro is the best chicken I can remember.