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Jul 27, 2009 07:30 PM

Suggestions for chowder and fresh seafood on the sunrise and cabot trails NS

Just back from Nova Scotia. Well I have had bad, very bad and delightful experience.

Wallace - McMahon's
If you like thick and creamy chowders (lobster and seafood) this is a simple and tasty option but I would stick to the chowder.

The Chowder House
Actually the best chowder we have had. Thick creamy and flavourful. (lobster and seafood)

Bell Buoy
By far the most pleasant restaurant in the no-fuss-family type category. Try their chowder which is delicious and lighter than the previous suggestions. They offer a pretty decent card and the four of us (all foodies) loved our various choices. The atmosphere is pleasant and the service is most efficient, discrete, and professional.

Meat Cove
Try the family owned restaurant opposite the campground. Great food, fantastic view, but service suffers from the growing popularity. Their chowder is reknown (family recipe) and delicious.

Fresh seafood
On the cabot trail Belle-Cote Lobster pound near Margaree Harbour
Excellent lobsters which the lady cooked for us and we ate outside on a picnic table. You can also buy them fresh and cook them yourself. If you eat there, since she a licence, if you want wine you have to buy it from her unfortunately for us as we always carry our supply...

On the cabot trail near Dingwall
Hideaway campground and Aspy Oysters market
At the campground they sell fresh lobsters, snow crabs, and Aspy Bay oysters. We camped there and bought the snow crabs and oysters which we took to our site and ate on the picnic table. With a delicious bottle of Sicilian white, that was a memorable meal.

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  1. Thank you Boubou...this is very helpful : we have friends coming from Scotland to Cape Breton and they can use this info...anything for Sydney? my husband is going there on business in a couple of weeks. Or was that one of the Bad or Very Bad bits? LOL!

    1. Thanks so much for all your suggestions. We're headed in that direction in a few weeks. Did you try any of the restaurants in the Cheticamp area?

      Thanks again.

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        In Ch├ęticamp there is the Seafood Stop which was an OK kind of place but we were not impressed.

      2. I can second McMahons and The Chowder House. @ McMahon's I swear the chowder had a whole lobster in there !

        Picnic table meals can be some of the best ever ! Lobster from the wharf, good wine and maybe even some local veg, and you rarely if ever have to worry about getting dirty or enjoying yourself "too much"

        LJS, Sydney doesn't seem to have a whole lot. Both times I was there recently with family , we ate at Joe's Warehouse.

        1. I would make the effort to travel to St. Peter's if you are truly a food lover. The Bras d"Or Lakes Inn, has the best food I've ever had the pleasure to consume. They specialize in Seafood and Fish, however everything from their Salmon Oscar (Salmon stuffed with Lobster) to JP"s Burger is amazing. Chowder is out of this world.