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Jul 27, 2009 07:29 PM

Anything new or coming to Dade late '09?

Looking for new places, or places in the works for Summer, FALL and Winter 2009.

Casales Pizzeria by Sardinia recently opened. MB

Burger and Beer Joint is slated to open across the street from Casales very soon. MB

MIA is set to open in downtown soon.

Prime Blue has changed hands and will reopen under a new name shortly. Downtown

Brosia sold and will become??? Design District

Sports Grill in Kendall is developing a new store.

What else is, or soon to be cooking down here in the 305 ? ? ?

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  1. The Prime Blue location is now "Solymar," supposed to open 7/30.

    Solea in the W Hotel South Beach recently opened.

    Ahnvee (creole, former Emeril chef) recently opened on South Beach.

    Don Chile (Mexican) opened in Coral Gables.

    Talavera (Mexican from owners of Jaguar) still supposed to open sometime in Coral Gables.

    Le Provencal recently moved from corner of LeJeune & Miracle Mile to a spot further east on Mircale Mile.

    What ever happened to Apple, the son of Bradley Ogden thing? I know there was a dispute among the partners, did it never open?

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    1. re: Frodnesor

      I'm really confused by the whole Don Chile thing. They've been pimping this Grand Opening for a few weeks now, but they've been open since last year. They were open, then wanted to sell it. . .maybe they did? I don't know. I went a few times (after the original opening) and the food was quite good.

      Next to Le Provencal's new location, Charlotte Bistro is having her soft opening on Monday. This chef worked under some Michelin-rated talent in Lyon and I'm very curious to see how the restaurant turns out. She's given it a cute, funky vibe and talks very passionately about food and wine so I have high hopes.

      1. re: Icantread

        If anyone ventured to Charlotte yesterday, they were probably turned away due to some technical issues (read: AC in summertime). Looks like they'll be open tomorrow. I won't be able to try them until September (travel) but I would be curious to read any feedback in the meantime.

      2. re: Frodnesor

        It hasn't stopped raining enough for Apple to have it's grand opening.

        1. re: lax2mia


          My wish for "Late 09?"

          I am hoping the hounds will show some love to Mahogany Grill next time they visit the LandShark Stadium. I love this place and these photos are making me hungry!


          The Mahogany Grille (2190 NW 183 St - Miami Gardens Drive west of the highway)

          1. re: advisor_Girl

            AG ~ Amen to that! Great food, great prices. For me the cornbread was enough incentive, and I did not know I liked cornbread!

            1. re: Icantread

              What is their average price line? Neither the online menu or the downloadable has any prices, which makes me wonder. Also, the downloadable has many more entrees listed in red, which I guess are new?

              I am heading to the Braves/Marlins game Thursday night and might detour from my pre-planned dinner destination to this place if you can give me some details.

              1. re: freakerdude

                You know, last time I went was for lunch and I'm not sure anything even crossed $16. They give decent portions, full bar, juices and lemonade squeezed in-house and dynamite dessert.

        2. re: Frodnesor

          "Ahnvee (creole, former Emeril chef) recently opened on South Beach."

          Chef Tom Azar, formerly of Emeril's left Ahnvee before it opened. I'm not sure who the new chef is.

          1. re: Frodnesor

            Apple did their soft opening already...I was told people have been trickling in. It'll be very interesting to see whether this Cali standby can stand on it's own here in sobe.

            Did Chilorios open on MM in the Gables? It's supposed to be owned by a Mexicano and promised to be authentic, can anyone confirm?

            1. re: netmover

              It opened some weeks ago. Food's ok and no more authentic than any other "Mexican"

              plenty of cheese, 15 fridge-cold salsas or so, and they panini-press all of it. If you want a good taco you need to hit the Orale truck or the homestead market.

              1. re: Icantread

                Apple is in a dreadful location and they have club promoters spreading the word.

                1. re: HabaneroJane

                  I guess the only way to make big bucks is to have large locations where people think they're all-stars. Small are the classy joints.

                  1. re: Icantread

                    I dont know about that... Went to Casale last night for Round 4 of the Pizza Crawl. The place is huge and its pretty frickin sweet.

                2. re: Icantread

                  Exactly. Meats were flavorless. Only redeeming quality is the homemade tortillas which were phenomenal. Other than that, pretty mediocre. Chipotle tastes better.

                  1. re: lax2mia

                    I must confess, Chipotle is one of my all time favorite chains. In fact, I can think of no other off the top of my head. I know it's a far cry from "authentic", but when it comes to gringo MEX it is hard to beat! Too bad to hear about Chilorio's, I was looking forward to it soon. Is it worthy of trying at least?

                    1. re: netmover

                      give it a shot, maybe you will like it. It just did not do anything for me.

              2. re: Frodnesor

                there is no doubt that the location of this restaurant is beautiful...
                Sol y Mar, de the old prime blue grill is absolutely ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! management is generic, dont get me started on the food...
                thr chef is from the south (LA) , n he is trying to introduce flavors which he knows nothing about. the owners r from somewhere in the midwest, n for some reson they had the bright idea to convert the old prime blue grill into a latin infusion restaurant!!!!
                we live in miami!!!!!!!!!!!!! hello, why would anybody want to come to a restaurant that is a spinoff of latin cuisine n u r not even latin, especially in miami. for that i will go to the real thing

                1. re: Frodnesor

                  While not a new restaurant, Michael's Genuine will be starting brunch on October 25 every Sunday from 11-3. The menu looks great, with a nice, heavy dose of Hedy's baked goods.


                  1. re: mikek

                    Finally! I was hoping they'd start brunch on Sundays. Brosia had a good brunch but didn't have the critical mass that Michael's would have to get people to the DD on Sundays and hopefully turning it into a weekend daytime destination as well. Aside from that, and more importantly, the menu looks excellent and ridiculously broad (in a good way, one of my peeves at brunch is a rinky dink menu of just 8 or 10 items). Can't wait, res already made.

                2. Has anyone tried the Chicago Steakhouse & Tavern in the Grove? I think it opened up just a few weeks ago, but they don't have a website and I can't find anything about its menu items online.

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                  1. re: JFarah

                    Its on my radar... Early comments have said that the subs at the deli are awesome and they also deliver during lunch time. I have not heard much about the meals at the steakhouse.

                  2. Anyone tried Cantina 71, or their orginal outpost Cantina 27?

                    1. I heard that Brosia will be another Segafreddo...

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                      1. re: CODENT

                        Another one!!! Segafreddo is going to turn into the Starbucks of Miami.

                        1. re: lax2mia

                          Theyre also poised to open one in Puerto Rico and Denver. The Brosia spot would actually be a nice spot for a Sega and an obvious move for the owners.

                          Fun fact - the one on Lincoln is not affiliated with any of the other locations.

                          1. re: Blind Mind

                            there aren't enough people hanging out in the design district on a regular basis to make segafredo work there. not a good idea at all.

                      2. The KONEs are coming!!!

                        KONE EXPRESS - Espanola Way
                        KING KONE - Alton Road
                        and another tba sobe kone co

                        hand rolls aka Kones are all the buzz in Brazil where more Japanese people live than any other country in the world except of course Japan.

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                        1. re: netmover

                          yeah, I'm curious to see how it goes but will let you guys tell me. I met the guy probably over a year ago and did not put too much faith in him having a clue how to operate a restaurant.

                          1. re: Icantread

                            food Gods please help us, Morton's is coming to South Beach because when they forgot to do their research they forgot to realize that a steakhouse is the last thing we need here..

                          2. re: netmover

                            Tried Kone Express the other night, after embarrassing myself at the Wine Show. Fast food vibe at full restaurant/sushi bar prices. Not bad, but you'd have to eat a number of $8 rolls to fill up. Rolls that we had were pretty good, but not spectacular. We were the only ones in the restaurant at 7pm on Sunday, and nobody really looked like they knew what they were doing.

                            Off the list!

                            1. re: dbarnard

                              I'm betting King Kone, soon to open on Alton, will serve up a better rendition of this Brazilian concept. They are getting closer and closer...stay tuned.