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Jul 27, 2009 07:19 PM

Birthday Brunch In Philly (on a Saturday), ideally BYOB

I'm trying to plan a birthday party for my boyfriend's 30th for a Saturday, and decided that brunch would be a better option than the barbecue route that we had originally planned. The crowd will be about 20-30 people, mainly 20-30 somethings, and because many of them are coming from South Jersey a spot downtown would be best (though if anyone has suggestions for a suburban location I'd happily take them). Anyway, number one priority is that they serve brunch on a Saturday, number 2 would be that they are "fun" or at least have a good atmosphere and good food (would love live entertainment, such as what Knodding Head has on Sundays but I know this is pushing it for a Saturday morning), number 3 would be that they aren't uber-expensive (thinking hopefully $30 or less a head, including a drink or two per person), and number 4 and probably the least likely to be found, would be to have them be BYOB. Anyone have any good suggestions? One place that would be convenient and is also definitely open on Saturdays is National Mechanics. Obviously they aren't BYOB, but again I realize it is unlikely we'll find a BYOB that meets the other criteria. I'd love your help in learning about other places though. Thanks!

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  1. While things might not be going as planned with this event, on the off chance it does happen I'm wondering if anyone has any opinions on brunch at the following places?

    -Day by Day


    -Sabrinas (they will apparently take a reservation for a group this size

    -National Mechanics

    -Royal Tavern

    1. Figs is a good choice but getting a reservation for 20-30 people might be a problem. If that doesn't work try Sazon.

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        Apamate used to be really good for brunch but then they "dumbed down" their brunch menu to be mostly eggs, omelettes, and sandwiches as opposed to tapas.

        1. re: bluehensfan

          For this party a "dumbed down" brunch, as long as it is good, might be best. I understand, though, that their original tapas menu was probably a lot better!

        2. re: joluvscards

          I've never been to Figs but I'll look into both that and Sazon. Thanks!

        3. Wow that's a tall order! Sabrina's and the Royal have excellent brunches, but I don't think either one will have the space for such a large group.

          I'll suggest Cantina los Caballitos on Passyunk Ave. Similar brunch to the Royal (same owners) but with a Mexican twist, inexpensive, and big enough to handle a large group. It's not BYOB, but their margaritas and sangrias are great. Plus you can walk down the block to Capogiro for dessert :) Good luck!

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            The Cantina is a good suggestion, there's also a branch in Northern Liberties, Cantina Dos Segundos, which might be easier to park near.
            Kanella might also be an option. They are small, but you may be able to get the whole place on a Saturday morning. But Kanella isn't as "fun" as maybe National Mechanics or either Cantina.

            I don't think Day by Day is open on Saturdays.

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              Hi there,
              I have no experience with Day to Day (for any meal) but I read in today's Inquirer that they just started serving a Saturday brunch. Thanks for your suggestions!

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              I haven't yet contact Sabrina's but according to their website they can accomodate private parties. I'm not sure whether this private party will work or not...I'm still waiting for the approval of the other party involved with the planning of this event to see if the brunch is a go! Thanks for your suggestions!

            3. I love Cafe Estelle on 4th and they have fantastic BYO-vodka bloody mary carafes, and maybe some other mixers too. I would say entrees there range from $7-$12 and are really good, and they have a serve-yourself coffee bar that's pretty awesome. Again that huge reservation might be tough to lock in, but they do have a lot of tables there.

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                Cafe Estelle is very close to our apartment, which might be a huge selling point for it. I'll definitely look into it more if it turns out we are able to go ahead with this event. Thanks!

              2. Good Dog has room for 20 people on their 2nd floor and there's pool, darts and video games on the 3rd floor.

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                  Thank you for this suggestion. The games on the 3rd floor might really make this place go to the top of the list.