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Knife Sharpening

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I know that this is not a food-related question, but I have a chef's knife that I want professionally sharpened. Does anybody know where I can ge this done?

Thank you

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  1. Ask your nearest JoANN's Fabric store when their next knife sharpening will take place. If you're in the SFV, the JoANN's at Tampa and VanOwen will have their event Nov. 1. Drop off your knife in advance or have it sharpened while you shop. $3.00 per blade

    1. Yahoo Yellow Pages. Type in "knife sharpening" and your location.

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          And Hows Markets will sharpen knives for free.

        2. Bristol Farms supposedly does it for free while you shop.

          1. Don't know what part of town you're in.

            Standard Cutlery & Supply Co.
            9509 Santa Monica Blvd. in Beverly Hills
            (310) 276-7898
            Old School.

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              Professor Salt

              Since you don't mention your location, I can only give you places I'm aware of near me.

              Sur la Table does. Stores in Santa Monica, Pasadena and Newport Beach.

              In Orange County: Chef's Toys is a restaurant supply operation based in Irvine. Does great sharpening work. Also has a fleet of roving trucks that sell stuff & sharpen knives for restaurants all over the LA area. Perhaps you can meet up w/ one of these trucks? Give a call.

              Also in OC: Plaza Cutlery in South Coast Plaza. Very fair rates, & do a good job. In the part of the mall near Sears.

              1. Hollywood Farmer's Market on Sunday. The egg man, east side of Ivar, sharpens while you shop.

                1. I have never used their service before, but I remember hearing (not sure from what source) that Ross Cutlery (310 S. Broadway in the historic Bradbury Bldg.) offers truly serious and professional knife sharpening services. I linked an article from LA Magazine from 2002 that describes their services in more detail. Sounds very old world and may be inconvenient depending on where you live, but hey, I'd rather trust my expensive knives to these guys than to a supermarket that offers it for free. Plus, if you haven't been inside the Bradbury, then that alone is worth a visit. Repeat service could get pricey, so you might want to consider investing in the Chef's Choice electric sharpener for about $100 at William's Sonoma or other kitchen supply stores for a DIY approach.

                  Link: http://www.findarticles.com/p/article...

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                    We use Ross Cutlery in the Bradbury Bldg. I find them quite reasonable in price.
                    We have used the free knife service at Bristol Farms and found it, well, worth every penny. No receipt, they look at you oddly if you bring in your whole collection at one time, and you get to hold your breath when you go to pick them up and someone sees if they can find them and if anyone got around to sharpening them for you.
                    I can't get my sushi knives anywhere as sharp as Ross Cutlery does. Plus, they have amazing display cases to oogle over. If you take the practice seriously, you need to find a serious place to practice.

                  2. Thanks for the Ross recommendations. Those guys (machine or not) put a serious razor edge on 3 of my knives... an old Henckels 8" chef's knife that hasn't ever been *that* sharp, a Wusthof santoku, that was already fairly sharp, and a brand new Mundial forged chef knife with a factory edge. The owner was very nice and helpful.

                    I'm very close to downtown, so the location was convenient as well.

                    1. The artisan cheese gallery in Studio City (on Ventura at Laurel) offers weekly knife sharpening. Did my Henckles and couldn't stop cutting myself. To say they were razor sharp would be an understatement.

                      1. saturday at the Santa Monica Farmer's market.

                        1. Ross Cutlery at the Bradbury building IMO is the best.
                          They are friendly and knowledgable.
                          They also happen to be one of the few places in the states that sharpens ceramic knives.
                          My friends back east send them to Ross.