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Jul 27, 2009 07:10 PM

Seafood filled loaf of bread

Jacque Pepin's and Julia Child's, "Cook together" series, _Our Favorite Sandwiches (episode #104), made several sandwiches that looked delicious. One of them was a Seafood mix (cod, tuna, squid, and something else) baked sandwich that I, of course, would like to try but didn't catch any of the details, including the name that Jacque called it.

He hollowed out a day-old loaf of sour dough, used the interior of the bread for the breadcrumb topping, cut up the four different fillets of fish, he lavishly slathered a butter mix inside and atop the hollowed-out loaf and baked it.

As you can tell, the above is woefully short on details.

Does anyone have the recipe or a name that I can search on? I just got back from my local library and this book has been checked out. <sigh>

Many thanks!

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  1. i tried searching for you. unfortunately, every review or listing of the book refers to it simply as "crusty round seafood-stuffed bread." i can't seem to find a recipe for it anywhere online, and i can usually find *anything* with my Google powers.

    try posting another query to see if a fellow hound has a copy of "Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home" and is willing to share the recipe with you.

    1. Yes. Google "La Mediatrice". This means "the peacemaker" and was the name of a popular New Orleans street food long ago when oysters used to be cheap. Husbands arriving home late at night would pick up a "mediatrice"---a hollowed-out loaf of French bread filled with fried oysters---to sweeten the mood of the angry wife.

      1. Here's a recipe that came up on Epicurious. It's from Jacques Pepin Celebrates. I think it has all of the elements you describe. I thought there was a similar recipe from Pepin's Art of Cooking, but I can't find it.
        I've always been intrigued by the seafood stuffed bread, but have never made it. Please report back and let us know how it is.

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          I have the book and this recipe is just about the same except in the book he uses tuna, haddock, squid, and salmon. I'm thinking of doing this in a No Knead the fall, just too hot to bake much right now.

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            It is on page 95 of Pepins, Art of Cooking Volume 1, there are two volumes

          2. What a great show!! That seafood loaf was crazy, so different and SO much butter! What you've described above is basically what he did, except don't forget to add the mushrooms with the fish. And a sprinkle of white wine on top of the breadcrumbs.

            And is it just me, or am I mistaken that Croque Monsieur and Croque Madame are usually dipped in egg before pan frying? And have bechemel sauce, and a fried egg in the case of the Madame? Am I thinking of another sandwich? Who am I to question these two, right?

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              I always thought the croque madame was dipped in egg wash prior which would make it a Monte Cristo but can appreciate the simplified version.

            2. You can purchase this book at Amazon. I really wanted this recipe and bought the book to get it. It was a used book and cost less than 20 including shipping and handling