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Looking for a good restaurant in Santa Monica, Brentwood or Venice area - preferably new. I like Riva, La Grande Orange and Anisette. Any ideas? Going to dinner with a few friends - nothing ethnic please

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  1. Amuse on Main street in Venice has had some favorable posts.

    Gjelena on Abbot Kinney has been on their game for a little while now - very popular - so much so that they are now open for lunch.

    Not in the parts of the Westside that you mention but Le Saint Amour in Downtown Culver City has gotten nothing but praise since they opened.

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      I think you might mean Ado, which occupies the space formerly known as Amuse when Brooke Williamson ran it.

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        You're right - I'm stuck in the 90s... :)

      1. Have you tried Westside Tavern, not Goin's Tavern, in the Pavilion yet?

        1. How about Cache? Check yesterday's LA Times. Also, Stefan Richter is set to open his new place at LA Farm in SM on the 6th of August. Stay tuned.

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            There are previews tonight and tomorrow night for Stefan's at L.A. Farm. I'm going tomorrow & will keep you posted!

          2. Speaking of Amuse, what about Beachwood?

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              Think it's spelled Beechwood. Go for drinks on the patio, mixed reviews of the dining room.

            2. Newest are:

              Tavern in Brentwood
              SugarFish in Brentwood
              Ado in Venice
              Cache in Santa Monica
              Gjelina is semi-new
              Westside Tavern in West LA

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                I would also add:
                Fig at the Fairmont
                Hash at the recently renovated Hotel Erwin in Venice (anyone been?).
                And I believe BP Oysterette on Ocean in Santa Monica is soon to open as well, if it hasn't already.

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                  Also, let's not forget the latest incarnation of Cynthia's old place on 3rd Street - "Cynthia's on the Corner" on Montana Ave. near 15th Street in Santa Monica (which is up and running despite the somewhat misleading website which still says "Coming Soon" for some unexplainable reason).

                  Cynthia's On The Corner
                  1518 Montana Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90403

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                    We keep walking past Cynthia's every week and we have yet to try it. It is like the 3rd street location with the killer fried chicken and berry cobbler or is it a completely different menu?

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                      Similar. Skinless "fried" chicken yes. Cobbler yes. I have only had the one of the salads (Cynthia's chopped salad) that someone else here on the LA board recommended and that I thought was very good (and to which you can add the fried or grilled chicken too for an upcharge of $3).

                      Also, another newbie is La Grand Orange in Santa Monica. The second Southern California outpost of the Phoenix based restaurant.

                      Excellent (and drool worth photos) of the burger can be found here: http://aht.seriouseats.com/archives/2...

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                        She's already tried LGO, SO. Have you tried the burger? How d oes it compare to what's already out there? Looks good.

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                          It does looks great but I'm still trying to get there to find out first hand (mouth?).

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                            I hear ya! Do tell when you can!!

                      2. re: catcaper

                        Fried chicken is divine along with the mashed potatoes and gravy. Found the cobbler to be very disappointing. Chopped salad is excellent and for an extra $3.00 one can get some strips of the fried or grilled chicken. Word of warning: Service is agonizingly slow. They need more staff. It appears that there is just Cynthia, one cook and one server, who also spends some time in the kitchen. To be fair: the chicken is cooked to order. If lusting for Cynthia's fried chicken, I suggest calling about 45 minutes ahead and picking it up to go.

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                        Haven't eaten a full meal but stopped in for some pie and was seriously dissapointed. We had the peach raspberry - it was overly sweet and tasted like the peaches were straight out of a can - all you could taste was sugar, nothing peach about it. And that was the one the server recommened too, saying it was fresh. The atmosphere is cute, and the other diner's entrees looked good, so we might stop in again for a light dinner, but will definitely skip the dessert.

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                          Which place are you referring to??

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                            Phurstluv, if you click on the "re.Servorg" in the upper right hand corner of nataliya.v's post it will show (actually lead you to it) you that she was replying to my original post about Cynthia's on the Corner.

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                              Okay, thanks for the insight.

                              It's just that with so many responses, it's easy to get confused re: which place she was talking about, nice if she mentioned it, but no biggie either way! And it has nothing to do with the margaritas I had at lunch, either!!

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                        Went to Hash at the Hotel Ervin this past Sunday morning and it was pretty good. We had the Corned Beef Hash and the Morning Glory Hash. We enjoyed the Corned Beef better than the Morning Glory.

                        Make sure you sit out on the front patio. Mainly tourists staying at the hotel with lots of different languages being used all around. Felt like I was in Europe for a moment. The service is still getting their rountine down but very friendly.