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Jul 27, 2009 07:01 PM

Intimate Wedding ceremony and reception venue

Hello, I am planning to get married soon. It will be a small, intimate wedding, about 30-40 people max. We'd like to find a classy (as in not cheesy) place that can accommodate us where we can do the ceremony, and have dinner/dancing as well, so we can just do it all there. In other words a place that already has dinner/dancing so we don't have to arrange all that. Is this possible? Preferably NYC, but open to alternatives. We're on a bit of a budget too, in this financial climate... Any suggestions?

Thanks so much for any help--much appreciated!

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        You're welcome; the venue is stunning and it's always great to have the outdoor option.

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          Nice blog by the way--very helpful and nice layout.

    1. i went to a lovely intimate wedding at shorty's 32 in soho. the space (with the help of a great staff) was flexible enough to have the ceremony, dinner and dancing. shorty is a fantastic chef-- he tailored the meal to the tastes of the party and took care of flowers and even the cake. music was easy-- the wedding party brought an ipod and plugged it in!

      it's definitely worth stopping by to speak to shorty-- he'll probably work within your budget. stop by for brunch or dinner. it's a real hidden gem in soho.

      congratulations and good luck!

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      1. I've never been to either, but City Hall Restaurant is a popular choice among brides as well as Bayard's.

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          We recently attended a lovely reception at City Hall. The food was great and I can't imagine it being terribly expensive.

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            I forget the exact number but yes, I remember it's very affordable, especially compared to most other options in Manhattan.