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Jul 27, 2009 05:56 PM

JP's Crispy Chips in Ottawa the BEST POUTINE

I can't believe a place like this actually exists. The medium is $7 with tax. over 2 pounds of fatty goodness. As much curds as fries. I never understood the whole "squeeky curd" phenomenon until I ate at JP's Chip Truck in Ottawa. The curds where picked up that morning. Massive and mild. The fries where cooked to order. I requested them not too crispy. I couldn't believe the counter staff didn't get annoyed with my request! He happily obliged and asked how my friend wanted her fries cooked too. The gravy was beef and not too salty....just right. The staff are super sweet and stand behind the product. They insist the owner doesn't skimp on anything. Coming from Toronto where the poutineries measure the curds it was nice to enjoy an abundance of local food and generosity that is not found in most places. Thank you to the good people at Ottawa Foodie. If you are in the Ottawa area...this is a must try.

Please note that the long thing on the fork in the photo is an ACTUAL CURD!!!! It was longer and bigger than the fork and any french fry. Some would say "too much" I say "just enough".

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  1. I looked for this truck last time I visited Ottawa and came up dry. Hunt Club and Merivale is kind of a busy area, needless to say. Can you provide more information on where to find this truck and its hours? I would really like to try it next time I'm up in that area.

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      I don't remember the exact location but I can tell you a good landmark is the Value Villiage. It's right behind a Petro Canada Gas station. I fairly certain it's at Clyde and Baseline. I don't know the hours but we where there around 6PM on a Thursday and it was still open. I wish they had a website because we where wondering their hours of operation as well.

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        There are actually 2 JP's fries - the original that you are talking about is located here:

        The original one has moved to the corner of Baseline and Clyde in Ottawa behind the Petro Canada in the Value Village parking lot.

        The owner's son opened up another one with the same recipe and the same amount of cheese curds - Hunt Club and Merivale in the Canadian Tire parking lot towards the back,. It's called Crispy's - Look for the red chip truck. THere is another one nearby a white one called TV's not the same at all IMO....

        They've been closed for the winter - but I am hoping with any luck they'll be open tomorrow - may take a drive past and find out...

        Best Poutine in Ontario by far.

    2. I've never hated you more than I do right now

      Damn that looks good! Check out those curds... THATS how it should be