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Jul 27, 2009 05:05 PM

What to eat at AOC, Lucques, Campanile

I'm having dinner at AOC and Campanile and lunch at Lucques this week. What are the menu highlights and can't-miss-dishes?

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  1. AOC - the arroz negro with squid and saffron aïoli is incredible. absolutely the best thing on the menu. the bacon-wrapped dates with cheese inside are also so good that I typically order a second serving for dessert. You really can't go wrong with anything at AOC...

    I don't particularly remember anything standing out at Campanile.. and Lucques I've only been to for dinner, but the short ribs were great. We also had a scallop dish that I think may have been a special for the evening, but were really incredible.

    Honestly, you are going to fabulous restaurants this week... nothing will be disappointing.

    1. In Summer, i.e. NOW!, Lucques has an heirloom tomato and burrata salad starter that should be mandatory for all diners to order and eat. In fact, the summer menu should only list one starter. It is Sofa King good!!

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        Thanks for the tip - it was awesome.

      2. While I like Luques and Camponile, only one thing comes to mind when mentioning those three restaurants...the bacon wrapped dates from AOC. (And if they still have it on the menu, the warm gruyere starter with rock salt and honey is really good.)

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          Oops, forgot to mention that the gruyere starter is at Camponile.

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            The starter (it's pecorino, not gruyere) is only offered on their Thursday night Grilled Cheese menu

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              It's pecorino? Really? And yes, as I recall, when I had it it was on the Thurs grilled cheese night. Oh what a night.

        2. At Lucques get anything braised, you'll be very happy.

          1. At Lucques, the fried squash blossoms and braised short ribs were excellent.

            Just checked their web site - I see my two favs aren't on the lunch menu.