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Jul 27, 2009 04:32 PM

Tsukiji Sushi Restaurant Mill Valley grand opening 7/28 5pm

Would appreciate any reports on their nigiri, selection, rice receipe etc :-)

"Tsukiji Sushi Bar and Restaurant, owned by Roy Lui and Chanel Liu, who previously owned and successfully operated Morpho in San Francisco and Akira in San Rafael, will be opening soon in the space that previously housed Ora on Sunnyside Avenue in Mill Valley. Haruo Komatsu, who was the head sushi chef at Sushi Ran for many years will be the head sushi chef at Tsukiji. Tsukiji will be using Koshihikari rice (a super-premium rice) and rice bran oil for their frying. The restaurant is named for the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo--the largest fish market in world--which is where all the fish will be sourced. There are about 70 seats total including seven at the sushi bar. There will eventually be outdoor seating in two patio areas in front of the restaurant. The hours will be lunch Mon-Fri 11:30am-2:30pm, dinner nightly 5pm-10pm. 24 Sunnyside Avenue, Mill Valley, 415-383-1382."

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  1. Friend and I happened in for lunch today (unknown to us that it was their first day of lunch service) and had a nice but not wow meal. Very small menu so far, w/ sushi/sashimi sets, bento and bento combos, and a few noodles/rice bowl specials. We were one of two or three parties throughout the lunch hour. Hope it's busier at dinner and future lunches.
    Very friendly service. One sour note: $3.50 for a small pot of tea, price not noted on menu nor mentioned by server.
    Didn't get a really good look at it, but the dinner menu looks far more interesting w/ plenty of choices -- apps, small/large plate options plus

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      We returned today, again for lunch. Due to the tea misunderstanding, Joanne graciously offered an appetizer since we weren't into having wine or sake on this very hot day with errands to run afterward. I picked the calamari -- very very good -- however, some pieces were cut so small they were mainly well-fried batter. We also ordered the tataki albacore tuna, hamachi kama and a rock 'n roll (for the carb and something green).
      The tataki tuna was delivered in a pool of soy (ponzu?) with a garnish of daikon. The fish was absolutely sublime, but as it sat, it got more marinated and at the end was overpowered by the sauce and too salty. Ask for minimal saucing. The hamachi kama was huge and perfect, slightly crisp from the grill and moist within -- fun and messy to share! The r'n roll was meh, think the avocado was overripe. All in all, a nice meal w/ the usual great and attentive service. Tea was ample -- and free! Nice place to have in town.

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      1. went for dinner last night ~ the list of specials (fresh fish) was as long as your arm. Terrific oysters, toro, weloo, NZ mackrel, unago, etc etc etc. Wine list nicely matched, too. There are also a few "safe" choices for your friends and family who are not as adventurous.

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          We went last night after hearing about it on this thread. The service was good although it has the feel of a place still getting its footing. The food was excellent. Everything we ordered was delicious. We started with the hijiki salad which as the best and most well balanced version I can remember having. Then we had an appetizer, the name was something like Wahaka machi. It was hamachi served on a crunchy tortilla like cracker with jalapeño. It was excellent. Then we ordered a bunch of assorted sushi, mostly from the specials menu. It was all very fresh and delicious. Favorites were Ayu and kinmedai. We will go back.

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            Interesting tidbit about the 'Wahakamachi.' Roy Lui (owner of Tsukiji) had a restaurant a few years back on Union Street in SF call Morpho. The location of this restaurant previously housed a popular Mexican restaurant called 'Wahaka.'This dish was created to honor the previous restaurant as it had many fans.

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              We went back again for Sushi last weekend. It was excellent. The Wahakamachi was even better than I remembered. The contrast of the crunchy chip and the heat of the jalapeno with the smooth taste of the fish was amazing. They did not have the excellent hijiki salad we ordered last time. Instead we got a regular seaweed salad. This was the only disappointment of the evening. It was very generic tasting.

              The sushi specials are the strength of this restaurant. The variety of fish offered is unique (one of the standouts this time was baby snapper) and the pieces are often topped with unique seasonings (one of the specials was topped with pickled cherry blossom) that accentuate and bring out the flavors of the fish. Everything we ordered from the specials menu was delicious.

              We ordered some sushi off of the main menu. It was good, but the standout sushi was from the specials menu.

              It was a bit sad to see that this place was not busier than it was. This place is as good, if not better than Sushi Ran (the atmosphere is certainly more laid back than Sushi Ran), and it significantly less expensive.

              Sushi Ran
              107 Caledonia St., Sausalito, CA 94965