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Jul 27, 2009 03:17 PM

Home Cooking New York cooking classes?

Has anyone ever tried the Home Cooking New York ( cooking classes?

I am thinking about doing this with my girlfriend. I am deciding between this and the Institute of Culinary Education ( classes.

I think the one-on-one atmosphere and being in my own kitchen could be better than doing the group thing at ICE in a commercial kitchen.

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  1. ICE is the best.
    I highly reccomend may be able to get a private lesson. Why would you want to have it in your house and clean up after! :)

    1. I disagree about the ICE classes being best unless you are a complete beginner to cooking. If you know the basis, try Astor Center.

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        intersting. I couldnt disagree more. I am no where NEAR a beginner cook and I go all the time and certainly don't get treated like a beginner. There are so many different classes to choose from.

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          Maybe I chose the wrong ones or got unlucky with the other students!

      2. some people love one place, and some another. It is best not to knock any of them unless you've personally ha a bad experience with a place.

        Some of the teachers at ICE are wonderful, some not so much. same goes for anywhere, I feel sure. And much depends upon your perception.

        I do not know the format of the Home Cooking NY Group, but the people involved are well respected professionals, and their program sounds interesting.

        As for having a cooking class in your own kitchen? I find tht my students who have their classes in their own kitchens with their own equipment are more likely to cook the dishes they've learned on their own, as they've learned them in the surroundings they will use them in.

        1. Hi: I'm Jennifer and the founder and one of the chef-instructors of Home Cooking New York. I felt I should chime in and give a few more details about what to expect from our classes, to help you make your decision.
          Ours are private classes in your home (the chef comes to you), where you choose the date of the class and the menu you'd like to cook. The classes are 2 1/2 hours long and can include yourself and anyone else you'd like. And we don't leave you with dirty dishes, not to worry.
          We've been at this for 8 years and many of my instructors also teach at ICE, these private classes being freelance/moonlighting work for them.
          The PROS: you choose exactly what you want to cook and get to learn using your own equipment (no reconfiguring the recipe to match your won kitchenware) and you get the undivided attention of the chef for the whole class
          The CONS: it is more expensive than ICE (unless you assemble 3 or more people, then it is virtually the same) and you do the grocery shopping beforehand, but not the dishes.

          I hope this is helpful.

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