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Best Shake in Seattle

In honor of the heat, I thought that it would nice to create a list of the best shakes in Seattle.

In my area, I'm partial to the two strawberry shakes - Lunchbox Lab and the Scoop (65th and 32nd), which uses Snoqualimie Ice Cream.

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  1. The PB&J shake at Red Mill would be my vote.

    1. what type of shake? I like the ones that are made from hard Ice cream not soft serve. Is that what you are looking for or just any shake to beat the heat.
      I enjoy a good shake made with chocolate chip mint ice cream and Bananas

      1. The Boston Cream from Lunchbox Lab. It's out of this world.

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        1. The vanilla shake w. malt hits the spot at Red Mill.

          1. Love the strawberry milkshake at Teddy's Bigger Burger in Woodinville. Tastes just like I would make it at home, without the cleanup. They use Blue Bunny ice cream.

            1. oh how I miss Daly's on Eastlake.

              1. I need to amend my Lunchbox submission. It is actually the banana creme shake. Amazingly good.

                Don't really care what type, just looking for the goods.

                1. I like Luna Park Cafe's milkshakes, yum.

                  1. Call me old fashioned, but the $1.90 chocolate milkshake at Dick's hits the spot. Uncomplicated, classic, tasty, right size.

                    1. I really want to find a strong coffee espresso milkshake. Cherry Street does a decent one but they start with vanilla ice cream. Eat Local on QA made one for me by hand yesterday using Molly Moon's Vivace Coffee ice cream that was great but I also love those made with a shake machine. Ideas for good espresso shakes anyone??

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                        Haven't tried one, but Tully's does milkshakes. I have tried their coffee ice cream and it's delicious. Their website says they combine either their vanilla or coffee ice cream with an espresso shot. I'm sure you could an additional shot if you want it stronger.