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Jul 27, 2009 03:15 PM

Best Shake in Seattle

In honor of the heat, I thought that it would nice to create a list of the best shakes in Seattle.

In my area, I'm partial to the two strawberry shakes - Lunchbox Lab and the Scoop (65th and 32nd), which uses Snoqualimie Ice Cream.

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  1. The PB&J shake at Red Mill would be my vote.

    1. what type of shake? I like the ones that are made from hard Ice cream not soft serve. Is that what you are looking for or just any shake to beat the heat.
      I enjoy a good shake made with chocolate chip mint ice cream and Bananas

      1. The Boston Cream from Lunchbox Lab. It's out of this world.

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        1. The vanilla shake w. malt hits the spot at Red Mill.

          1. Love the strawberry milkshake at Teddy's Bigger Burger in Woodinville. Tastes just like I would make it at home, without the cleanup. They use Blue Bunny ice cream.