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Jul 27, 2009 03:07 PM

Fried Chicken Near Arlington?

I've read a lot of fried chicken recommendations on these boards, but none within an easy distance of Arlington. Are there any suggestions? I'd be willing to travel to Davis Square, North Cambridge, Belmont, Lexington, etc. Right now the only option I can think of (other than supermarkets) is the Summer Shack at Alewife. Coast Cafe is a bit too much of a trek and I'm not crazy about their chicken anyway. I've seen fried chicken specials in the past at Redbones, but I believe they only make it with boneless chicken. What am I missing? Surely Summer Shack isn't the only decent option in this area?

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  1. Don't know the specifics, but Highland Kitchen does fried chicken at least one night a week. Was there last Monday and had it. Deeelicious.