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Jul 27, 2009 02:32 PM

(Hou) Clear Lake - Hamburger Places

Now that Tookies and South Shore Beer Garden are gone, thanks to Ike, where is a good place in the Clear Lake area for a burger and some rings?

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  1. That's very sad to hear Tookie's didn't make it through the hurricane.

    I've heard Mooyah has opened a location on Bay Area Blvd, but they don't have onion rings.

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    1. re: air

      I was not at all impressed by Mooyah. The fries are good but that is it. Miller's Cafe on Bay Area Blvd and Space Center Blvd. still has a good burger but the fries are not fresh anymore. I always got a really good cheddar burger at Salt Grass Steak House on 45 South. But Miller's is still my favorite.

    2. I like Miller's cafe at the NE corner of Bay area and Space center.

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      1. re: TexasJeep

        It is sad to hear that Ike took out Tookies .... I had been doing there for over 20 years, and have some great memories of that place. I agree with TexasJeep -- Millers on Bay Area @ Space Center does have good juicy burgers, but Sweet Mesquite across the street used to have the BEST onion rings.

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          Other suggestions? I'll be traveling to the NASA area soon.

          A good burger is always welcome.

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            I agree about the Sweet Mesquite onion rings. They are wonderful!!!

            1. re: texasredtop

              Burger Tex, if you stick to the burgers, is great for a quick cheap, no frills burger. They're set up like Fuddrucker's only for less money and a no "flair" environment, which I appreciate when all I want is a basic burger.
              T-Bone Tom's is my go-to for all things burned cow flesh. Their burgers make me happy.
              The Benson Burger at Seabrook Classic Cafe will light your fire. ( I call it a Bunsen Burner. Burns going in, burns coming.. well.. ahem.)
              Tookies is gone. (moment of silence)
              Cafe Express (mostly girl food) does do the best non-burger burgers (turkey, veggie, etc.) and they do offer a blue cheese and bacon burger which stops your heart and sends you to heaven before your teeth even sink into the patty.