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Jul 27, 2009 02:25 PM

Roadtrip NYC to Seattle

Moving from NYC to Seattle and will be driving a 22' moving van shortly after Labor Day. Looking at stopping in/near the following places.

1) Mill Run, PA (near Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Waters House)
2) Ann Arbor, MI
3) Madison, WI
4) Fargo, ND
5) Billings, MT
6) Yellowstone National Park, WY
7) Coeur D'Alene, ID

Would love restaurant recommendations for places that should not be missed en route for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner! Willing to travel up to an hour out of the way out of the way for at least one good meal a day...

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  1. I've lived in Madison and Ann Arbor. They both have GREAT restaurants for their size. They both have great restaurants period.

    Ann Arbor
    Breakfast - Angelo's is the town breakfast staple. Their cinnamon french toast is otherworldly. Fleetwood Diner is another fine breakfast spot in Ann Arbor. It is a greasy spoon all the way. Check the website:
    You can't go wrong at either place.

    Lunch - Zingerman's. IF YOU GO TO ANN ARBOR AND SKIP ZINGERMAN'S THEN I WILL BE SORELY DISAPPOINTED. It is the best deli I've ever been to and I lived in NYC for 5 years. You could really go there for Breakfast and Lunch and you'd still regret not getting to try everything.
    The place is overwhelming and amazing. The prices are high, but it's 100% worth it. Get whatever sandwich tickles your fancy, real ginger ale (spicy), and noodle kugel for dessert. I'm super jealous.

    Dinner - Upscale: Gratzi (fine Italian) and Real Seafood (seafood, duh) are right on Main St and are excellent dining experiences. The Earle is more romantic, but has excellent drinks and a fine wine list.
    Pizza - Cottage Inn Pizza. Unique, sesame seed crust (get the square version). If you're a pizza guy and on a budget then you can get something unique in Ann Arbor at Cottage Inn. Go to the downtown location near campus.

    If I were to pick three i'd go Fleetwood Diner, Zingerman's and Real Seafood (Cottage Inn if on a budget).

    I'll post Madison in a moment.

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      Go to Zingerman's Roadhouse - the Deli is good, but very spendy for what you get. The Roadhouse is also a bit spendy, but has really good barbeque and a burger to die for. Ask them if they have fried cheese curds (not always on the menu) - and the ribs are ... wow. My mouth is watering right now just thinking about them.

    2. Madison
      Breakfast: I'll give you two options on opposite ends of the spectrum. Mickey's Dairy Bar is a down home, big portion, old school breakfast place. They are famous for their Scrambler and their Milkshakes (yes for breakfast if you like). If ordering off a board on the wall and heaping mounds of potatoes, eggs, sausage and cheese covered in gravy sounds AMAZING to you then you have no need to read on to recommendation #2 for breakfast. If you are more refined in your breakfast choices then I recommend Marigold Kitchen. Madison is a town of foodies sitting in the middle of two lakes in the middle of Wisconsin. Mickey's was the WISCONSIN recommendation. Marigold is the Madison recommendation. Their breakfast and brunch are phenomenal. Duck Confit hash, artichoke omelettes and a changing menu that reflects what's growing in the region (a common thing in Madison).

      Lunch - The Old Fashioned is located on the Capitol Square and is an upscalish take on traditional Wisconsin fare such as brats, fish fries, cheese curds and even Brandy Old Fashions. Check out the website. If that doesn't appeal to you then I'd recommend walking down State St and looking at the menus on the sidewalk. Madison has an amazing spread of ethnic restaurants and a number of the best are on State St, a shopping st that doesn't allow any cars and turns into the UW's crazy bar strip at night. Finish your lunch with a beer or ice cream at the Student Union and sit out on the terrace. THE UNION TERRACE is the ZINGERMAN's of MADISON. DO NOT SKIP THE UNION TERRACE.

      Dinner - Madison has a slew of great, upscale restaurants for dinner. LeToile has recevied rave reviews in the NYTimes on multiple occasions. Smokey's is about as old school as steakplaces get. The waitresses are 80, the bartender is a martini master and the steaks come out on sizzling platters. I'm going to send you over to Williamson St though (affectionately known as Willy St in Madison). If the weather is nice enough to sit outside then go directly to Jolly Bob's and ask to be seated in the courtyard. Amazing tropical drinks (seriously, not just mai tais and blue hawaiians), great appetizers (mussels are my favorite) and a variety of carribbean fare from Jerk Pork to excellent fish. it's my favorite place to eat in Madison when the weather is nice (prices are too high to justify sitting inside on plastic patio furniture). If the weather is poor then I recommend Sardine. It's right at the start of Willy St and is owned by the same people who own Marigold Kitchen. it's got a french bistro feel to it. Loud, bright, high ceilings, bustling. The food is small plate and the beer and wine lists are excellent. Check out the website.

      Feel free to ask any questions.

      1. if you tire out in ohio before you get to toledo try JOLLY ROGER in port clinton for lake erie walleye.

        if you make it to toledo you must try ohio's most famous restaurant, the hungarian restaurant TONY PACKOS (go to the original on front st). get the pickles and peppers side there, it blows away ny's pickles:

        *if you are coming from nyc you can skip zingerman's way out of your way in ann arbor it's redundant.

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        1. re: mrnyc

          I live in Coeur d'Alene and would love to give you some recs.
          If you want to go all out and have a very memorable dining experience, look at The Clark House in Hayden Lake. Next fine dining rec would be Beverly's at the Coeur d Alene Resort. For a less formal occasion and a good Western Steak feel, Wolf Lodge Steakhouse. Finally, less formal but great feel, The White House Grille in Post Falls-Greek/Mediterranean with the beloved chef/owner Ragi singing and making everyone feel special.

          1. re: mrnyc

            You're crazy if you think skipping Zingerman's is acceptable on any trip through Ann Arbor.

            I love NY delis as much as the next guy, but the amount of time, care and love put into everything at Zingerman's makes it a must see for any foodie out there.

            Typical NYC arrogance.

          2. Assuming you are on 90, going straight though downtown Cleveland, you HAVE To stop and try something. In Downtown/Ohio City/Tremont you have to try:

            Greenhouse Tavern (open lunch/dinner)
            Lola (both)
            Chinato (if not both its next to the top two choices)
            Fahrenheit (dinner)
            Lolita (dinner)
            Paralax (both)
            The Flying Fig (dinner)
            Momocho (dinner)

            As a foodie if you are rolling through Cleveland and do not stop you will regret