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Jul 27, 2009 01:51 PM

Phils game drink specials

Any ideas? Usually I see the Miller Lite/Bud specials here and there. Can you weigh in no matter what the place or the beer? As long as they have specials during the Phillies games it would be helpful information.


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  1. South Philly Bar & Grill (9th & Passyunk, across from Pat's and Geno's) does $2 or $2.50 lager drafts during Phillies games, I am pretty sure. Food is not too good but it's a great environment to watch the game, especially if you get a spot outside.

    1. Oscar's - $2 bud lites, New Wave - $3 Kenzingers, Wooly Mammoth - I think it's $2 bud/bud lite... nothing super exciting but WM is a good bet if you're stuck on south street and their pool tables are also not usually crowded... nice way to ride out a rain delay.

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