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Jul 27, 2009 01:40 PM

New Costco Business Center, Commerce

Checked out the new Costco Business Center in Commerce today which opened July 23rd. Nice thing was it was 10am and there couldn't have been more than 50 customers in the store.

130,000 square foot store designed for businesses in the food service, convenience store, hospitality and office. Think they're trying to compete with places like Smart & Final and Restaurant Depot.

First section when you walk in is dedicated to food service with cooking utensils, pots, pans, commercial appliances, restaurant and bar supplies.

Bakery where the dozen packs of muffins, scones, danish etc...are individually wrapped. Didn't see birthday cakes. Eight isles with just bottled/canned beverages, but no alcohol or wine. Huge walk in refrigerated area with meats you can buy by the case.

Lot's of items and brands you won't find at a regular Costco, and some of the same items you'll find at Costcos, but not all of them.

They have a business center where they make copies, banners, signs, business cards promotional items and even t-shirts.

You can buy gas there too.

They don't have the following:
Photo Dept, pharmacy, optical department, alcohol (beer or wine), electronics, clothing, books, tire center, vitamins, toiletries.

Outdoor foodcourt where unfortunately they serve the Kirkland hot dog. Had the Polish sausage and it really wasn't much different than the Hebrew Ntaional.

Open to all Costco Members
8am-6pm Monday-Saturday
Closed Sundays

Costco Business Center
6333 Telegraph Rd.
Commerce, CA 90040
(Just south of the Citadel--exit the 5 Freeway at Washington Blvd)

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  1. FYI, link to their first Business Center location. Everything mentioned above applies, except for the food court :-(

    1. Can people shop here with just a regular (non business) membership? I guess the obvious answer is no?

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      1. re: PandanExpress

        I have executive membership and shopped at the first location in Hawthorne with no problems. Signs indicated that business or executive was required, but someone told me that any member can shop there. Would say it is worth a call to check.

        1. re: PandanExpress

          All members (Gold Star) welcome at 8am when they open.
          They had the Gold Star membership card posted along with the other memberships.
          No one was in line to check out at 10am this morning.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Stopped in here yesterday. Like Monku says, I get the feeling they're trying to compete with Smart and Final or Restaurant Depot. Symbolic choice of real estate because this location of Costo Biz Center is right down the street from Smart & Final's corporate HQ.

            What I noticed is a greater selection of meats. Subprimal cuts you don't find at other Costcos like beef knuckle meat, chuck rolls, various cuts off the round. They sell these by the case as well as individual cryovac packs if you're curious about what "peeled knuckle meat" is like, without buying an entire case.

            There's a ton of candy in resale packaging. They're trying to compete against the Jetros with that.

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            1. re: Professor Salt

              You're right about the meat, I've seen stuff I didn't know existed.
              I noticed the Smart & FInal headquarters at the Citadel on our way back to the freeway.

              1. re: Professor Salt

                Returned to the Business Center today in Commerce and noticed there was no USDA Prime beef, but a whole section of USDA "Select" beef in addition to a separate case for the USDA "Choice".
                Checking out at 9am this morning there were only two of us with one register open.

                Kind of bummed I'd bought gas at the Alhambra location for $2.95.9/gal and 15 minutes later at the Commerce store it was advertised for $2.87.5/gal.

              2. Thanks, monku, for notifying us of this warehouse opening.
                We were there about a week after they opened and everything was still sparkling...and they were very busy on a Saturday afternoon.

                What I really liked were the bins with cooking wares and utensils from which they were selling individual items. We were able to purchase ONE thermometer instead of a case of them!

                The space is huge. It took us over an hour to walk the!