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Jul 27, 2009 01:27 PM

stuff for a foodie in or near Brunswick, GA

I will be moving to Brunswick, GA from downtown Chicago soon. I've worked in high-end "foodie" type restaurants for years here and will definitely miss all the stuff the city has to offer for a foodie like me. Can anyone tell me if there are any nice/somewhat large farmers markets where I can get fresh produce. The best meats (I go directly to the slaughter house retail shop or to weekly markets where farmers bring their already butchered meats up here)? And on top of the food and cooking aspect what other things does Glynn county have to offer to a true city person? ....missing Chicago already but going to make the best of it. I certainly don't mind making day trips to places or driving to the country to a meat and/or veggie farm and making contacts. Thanks for any info you all can give me!!!! :)

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  1. They have a "farmers market" on St. Simons Island near the airport, but don't be fooled! It is very small and not worth your time. I would probably look into going to Savannah or Jacksonville...they'll both be around an hour's drive and much more likely to have adequate shopping. Atlanta would probably be best, but will be a long haul.

    There are a handful of good restaurants in and around Brunswick I've tried when I'm down there visiting my folks (there's another thread about that going on right now, but I don't know how to link it to here...I guess just check the board for "St Simmons")...but I'm not sure what else there is to offer for a city person. Maybe someone more familiar with the area can add something?

    1. Your best bet for top notch produce is Sapleo farms, they provide the 5 star Georgian Room on Sea Island. You can google them they have a web site. Small farmers market in Brunswick on the water front. For staples harris Teeter or Publix are serviceable. For fish BJ at St Simons Seafood is great. Decent oriental market in Jacksonville, great deal on Prime Beef at Costco in Jax also a new Whole Paycheck down there.

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        Hey Beetez, I assume no Asian markets in Brunswick (no way there is one on SSI), even small ones? Where is this one in Jax? Name?

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          There are 2 small ones in Brunswick very close to each other 1st is on west side of Altama between Target & Publix it shares space with a Pho place, the other keeps odd hours & is across side st drom Carl Gregory. The one in Jax I like is on Old St Augustine, if you turn SE on Old St Augustine off of San Jose it will be on the right a few miles down in an L shaped strip center, there is an old post in the Fl board with the addy along with some cool sounding other places I have not made it to. We hit whole paycheck on san jose then the oriental place.

      2. Welcome- while missing Chi town food, your winters will be way more pleasant! We don't have any Von Maurs or Water Tower's here nor Greek town or Rush. You will learn that fried food rules, and 1980's cuisines are the norn in most of the upper restaurants. Albeit you will find one restaurant will stand out for you- Pearl in downtown Brunswick. Have fun, it will be your haven to "city" food. Believe me, I know.

        1. Is there anyplace to get Anson Mills grits at retail around Brunswick?

          1. There are going to be great sources for fresh seafood in the Brunswick and Darien area: live blue crabs, Georgia wild shrimp right off the shrimp boats, flounder and grouper, beautiful salt marsh farm-raised little neck clams. Ethnic European meats and sausages and that kind of thing, not so much. ATL is the place that has those things, as bluemoon suggests, prol due to the influx of yanquis over the last several decades.

            Concentrate on what we don't have and you'll be miserable. Run with what we've got down here and you'll do just fine.