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Jul 27, 2009 01:27 PM

Le Maitre Chocolatier

I really like this chocolatier's products (super-fresh chocolates using Michel Cluizel chocolate) and thought that they deserve their own thread. Also, I would like to alert visitors that they do not accept credit cards. They accept only cash or debit cards.

Their address is:
1612, Sherbrooke West , Montreal. Tel:(514)544-9475.

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  1. Do they make their own chocolates on-site or is it made by a local supplier? They had told me, it's a French chocolate made locally(thanks for telling us they're using Michel Cluizel chocolate as a base).

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      They make them on-site. They also make their own fillings (almond paste, etc).

    2. I have tried many well known chocolatiers in town and I find Le MaƮtre Chocolatier is the best in Montreal.

      1. My wife and I dropped in at Le Maitre Chocolatier today; seemed like a good way to spend some time while this summer was doing its rain thing.

        We got there at about 2:30, a bit late for brunch, but the owner said he could serve us croissants and pain au chocolat if we were prepared to wait 20 minutes for it to be baked. It was a no-brainer; we waited. While waiting we had some coffee (Lavazza) - a nice, non-bitter cup (well, a few cups), and some mignardises. The mignardises consisted of small squares of orange cake (very nice orange flavour), macaroons (not macarons - nice chewy texture), and some chocolate brownies (loved the chocolatey flavour - reminded me of the chocolate madeleines I make).

        The croissants and pain au chocolat were really flaky and had substance - not the dry pastry you so often get.

        The owner then brought out a couple of tiny pistachio cakes; they were out of the oven and allowed to cool down before being served. They were moist and pistachio-y....really delicious. We spent quite a bit of time talking to the owner as they were not too many people there on that rainy afternoon. He knows I only like dark chocolate, but wanted me to taste a milk chocolate he loves. It was nice, but milk chocolate is not my thing. He included a small bar of dark in our package of chocolate. It was a great little dessert after a lacklustre dinner at a nondescript Greek place on the plateau.

        The owner's wife (the chef) came out for a brief chat. She obviously loves what she does.

        A bonus was the music played while we were there (I'm a keen music lover too) - tango and Brazilian female vocals (Rosa Passos).

        We left there with big smiles on our faces. Hope I can sleep after all that coffee !

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          I love their fleur de sel caramel centers !!!!!

        2. We dropped by at LMC last Saturday at 1:30, hoping to sample their brunch, but found out that brunch is by reservation only as it is made to order. So instead we had what I think is their high tea. Here's what we had:
          - Mini-sandwiches (crusts removed). Had a second plate too as I was hungry.
          - pear and blue cheese. Really wonderful. The blue was (appropriately) mild
          - cucumber and cream cheese. Love cucumber sandwiches
          - smoked salmon. Very nice
          - pate de foie gras. Was okay; the pate was coarse, not the fine that I like.
          - Plain and blueberry scones. We asked for blueberry, but were given both as the owner wanted us to taste the plain as well. We preferred the plain (drier texture).
          - A plate of "mignardises", the same as what I described before.

          Just when we thought we were done, the owner told us that his wife just made something she wanted us to try. It turned out to be cappuccino ice cream. The first spoon tasted just cold, and then when it warmed up in the mouth the coffee flavour really hit you. Definitely for the true cappuccino lover. I enjoyed it, though coffee flavour in desserts is something I do not go for.

          As we were leaving, the chef went by with a box of macarons, so we ordered some to pick up the next day. The choice is very limited - chocolate, lemon, and pistachio. Through some miscommunication we got lemon and pistachio instead of chocolate and pistachio. My standard for macarons is those sold by Europea Espace Boutique. These were much more dellicate (as in fragile), they tasted fresher, and had more pronounced flavours; definitely better that Europea's. They were kinda like the opposite of those I have had from Esprithe, where the flavours do not seem to hit you, but they do grow on you (I like them too).

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            FYI their pate de foie gras is made with duck liver not goose.

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              That is the case in most places. It is very rare to find it made with goose; I have never seen it.

          2. I stopped in at LMC today, and while talking to Nada, the chocolatier, mentioned to her carswell's comment that he found her almond/pistachio chocolate too grainy/ She told me that she was aware of it - she tried a more expensive type of almond, thinking it might be better, but it was not. When ground it was grainer than what she normally uses, so she has stopped making the chocolate until she gets a supply of her usual almonds. She asked me to post this here as she has no time to get on chowhound. Please note that I am in no way connected with them; I just like their products.

            I think I may have a new favourite there - the Gianduja. I need to do a comparison between it and the praline.

            She gave my wife the caramel/fleur de sel to try. She enjoyed it.

            She gave me the white chocolate/lemon to try. It was nice, but I found it a bit too sweet for my taste.