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Jul 27, 2009 01:25 PM

Decent Food in Loughborough


I'm going to be spending 5 days holed up in the Ramada in Loughborough, can anyone advise of some decent places to go to escape the usual chain hotel horrors? Doesn't have to be too fancy, a good indian/chinese would be a starting point.


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  1. You could go to the Manor House at Quorn (http://www.restauranteatingoutloughbo...) You'd need to get the bus heading to Leicester which goes from near the Ramada. Or if you're feeling fit you could even walk

    1. You could try The Basin (by the canal) for Chinese (with a bit of Thai and Japanese on the menu too IIRC). I had a decent/reasonable meal there in April with work colleagues but it seems to have mixed reviews on Tripadviser etc. Good cocktails too, which might help the 5 days in Loughborough pass more enjoyably!

      If you had the time/inclination to get the train to Leicester, Kayal is close to the train station there and does very good South Indian food.

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        certainly you can try the basin, and my local friends say it is one of the best in town, but the food is mediocre at best. loughborough seems to be a wasteland.

      2. A friend of mine from Leicester suggested the following towns which she says have some very nice pubs. I hope you have a car.

        Quorn, Newtown Linford, Swithland, or Woodhouse Eaves.