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Jul 27, 2009 01:23 PM

Tulip - Turkish food in Great Neck

I finally had a chance to try Tulip in Great Neck this weekend. I had heard good things, but I'm generally not a huge fan of this type of food, so it took a while to make it to the top of the list. Boy was I pleasantly surprised. My wife and I had the Greek salad, which was fresh and tasty, served I think with kasheri cheese instead of feta, which I didn't mind at all. My wife then had the Sultan's delight, whcih was a sort of lamb stew served over a puree of eggplant and kasheri cheese. I was skeptical of the puree but it was excellent and I would have licked the plate had the restaurant been a bit darker. I had the spicy lamb kebab with was very juicy lamb seasoned with red pepper and served with a hot sauce for dipping. It wasn't killer hot, but it was delicious.

I've been to places like Colbeh, which I realize is the cuisine of one country over, and I'm always disappointed. I find the food dry and needing a sauce, and I'm not impressed with the hot sauce that is available. Tulip, however, addressed this problem nicely.

We're looking forward to going back and trying some more entrees and appetizers.

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  1. Thanks for the report. I have not eaten there in a few years and they are somehow off my radar. When I ate there I liked the food but the space was large, empty and a little depressing so I did not return. Have they fixed it up at all? I am not at all a fan of Colbeh, stictly catering hall quality food. Ethos is fine but it is nice to have another option.

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      We went on Saturday night at about 6:30. While it wasn't crowded, there were a few tables seated and a few more that came in while we were there. The decor was nice enough.

      I think they get a later crowd on Saturday night because they have music at 9:30 and belly dancing at 10:30. There was a table for about 20 that was set but not occupied while we were there. On Friday they have belly dancing at 8:30, I think, so that might draw an earlier crowd.