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Jul 27, 2009 01:04 PM

Chitown Foodies need vetting of list for special dinner tonight!

Husband and I tried to get into Momofuku Ko last week for dinner tonight, of no avail. WE need an upscale but not stuufy restaurant with a great ambience, i.e. candle light, or small interesting space, just no huge spaces or spaces too minimalist, please. We love sushi and any Asian food....staying in soho but will take cab. What they told us at the hotel: 15 East, Jean Gorgoes (too touristy in a hotel so prob not for us but love the menu), Kyo Ya, JEwel Bako (bad now that chef went to 15 East?), Elettaria and Ssam.

Please help--open to new suggestions, too! No Italain or French, though, please!

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  1. I don't think Jean Georges is at all touristy.

      1. Let me start off by saying that I love Ssam, and you will not find anything like it in Chicago, but great ambiance it is not. Shame, especially if you love pork. Btw - can you bring me a sandwich from Al's and the steak course from Alinea? ;o)

        There is some great sushi in NYC to be sure, especially Yasuda, and if you can get in, you will not be let down.

        As a suggestion, I find the Indian food in NYC to be far superior to that in Chicago, and one of my favorite places fits your needs very well. Look into Devi:

        It is a beautiful room, with great drinks and great food and also different from what you find back home.

        1. Many of NYC's upscale dining spaces are large, minimalist, modern. Sounds like you want something more cozy or brasserie like. I'm thinking you won't like JG (it's kind of modern in its decor, not really all that cozy), ditto for Jewel Bako, Ssam Bar is cramped but not cozy or comfy and has loud music.

          Also you're asking for a table for tonight? In a few hours?

          1. MAS Farmhouse, really great dining experience without all the hoopla surrounding the name (yet). The manager used to work at Blackbird in Chicago. He's got a beard, it's Michael or David I can't remember, real nice dude.

            We had the tasting menu 2 weeks ago and they threw in an extra course and a desert to boot.

            Mas (Farmhouse)
            39 Downing St, New York, NY 10014