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Looking for good canned coconut milk brand (moved from Home Cooking)

Getting into Indian cooking at home (friend gave me Vij's cookbook), and I am looking for a good brand of coconut milk to use in curries and such. Any suggestions welcome.

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  1. I don't think there is anything wrong with Mr Gouda...but I live in a large city in Canada and don't know what your selection is like where you live?

    1. Thai Kitchen Organic is a really good product, and some quick Google sleuthing tells me you should be able to procure it in TO.

      1. I just get whatever's on sale. Personal pref, but I'd never use "light" coconut milk. Some brands I alwas run across: Chakaoh, Chef's Choice. Really though, I just get whatever brand is on sale and has a reasonable exp date. I always feel ripped off if I pay more than 1.00/can.

        Have you read the recipies in the cookbook? Are there a lot that call for coconut milk?

        1. My selection should be pretty good, I live by Little India in Toronto.

          There are a fair share of recipes calling for coconut milk.

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            Ok, then Mr Gouda is widely available, now, I will let others comment on if it is the best...works fine for me, but I was born in Newfoundland and won't even pretend that my saag ghosh is authentic!

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              Surely you don't add any cod's tongues to it, do you? ;-)

          2. I suggest you look into Chaokoh, lots of cream in it (what you want). You can find it at T&T.

            1. That's easy in Toronto.

              First of all, ignore the brands aimed at North Americans (e.g., Taste of Thai; Taste of Asia). The prices of these are a joke. You shouldn't need to pay more than $1.00 a can for coconut milk. T&T usually has something on for $.69 - $.89 a can, and sometimes less. Chaokoh and Arroy D are reliably good and widely available, though there are others I haven't tasted that could be equal or better.

              You do need to read the nutritional labels (fat content) carefully and shake the cans vigourously. What you want depends on your intended use. A very liquid coconut milk will provide a different textural effect than one which remains solid in the can. Most Asian brands come in several styles (including "light", to which I say don't bother).

              You can also get pure coconut cream.

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                I can't recall the brand (and I'm fresh out now), but the really good stuff is marked as 23% coconut fat. It's much thicker than Roland, Arroy D. Makes a really nice curry.

              2. I buy Thai Kitchen, it's about $2.50, whick is probably overpriced. But also know that you can use coconut milk for soooo many things--I make "creamy" vegatable soups with it (i.e. carrots boiled in chicken or veggie broth, then into the blender with some of the broth and about 1/2 can of coconut milk...adding more broth if it's too thick, and S&P...delicious!!) You can also mix it with oatmeal or brown sugar for an awesome skin scrub-your skin will be sooooo soft, and you will smell heavenly!!!

                1. Mostly I use Chaokoh (and be careful to avoid other brand names with similar spellings and label art intended to deceive). But I've also been happy with Mae Ploy brand, which comes in a larger size can.

                  1. I like Aroy-D in a tetra-pak rather than a can. It's about the only one that I can find that doesn't contain potassium sorbate, which has a nasty aftertaste to it.