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Jul 27, 2009 12:33 PM

Looking for good canned coconut milk brand (moved from Home Cooking)

Getting into Indian cooking at home (friend gave me Vij's cookbook), and I am looking for a good brand of coconut milk to use in curries and such. Any suggestions welcome.

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  1. I don't think there is anything wrong with Mr Gouda...but I live in a large city in Canada and don't know what your selection is like where you live?

    1. Thai Kitchen Organic is a really good product, and some quick Google sleuthing tells me you should be able to procure it in TO.

      1. I just get whatever's on sale. Personal pref, but I'd never use "light" coconut milk. Some brands I alwas run across: Chakaoh, Chef's Choice. Really though, I just get whatever brand is on sale and has a reasonable exp date. I always feel ripped off if I pay more than 1.00/can.

        Have you read the recipies in the cookbook? Are there a lot that call for coconut milk?

        1. My selection should be pretty good, I live by Little India in Toronto.

          There are a fair share of recipes calling for coconut milk.

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            Ok, then Mr Gouda is widely available, now, I will let others comment on if it is the fine for me, but I was born in Newfoundland and won't even pretend that my saag ghosh is authentic!

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              Surely you don't add any cod's tongues to it, do you? ;-)

          2. I suggest you look into Chaokoh, lots of cream in it (what you want). You can find it at T&T.