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Jul 27, 2009 12:20 PM

Elba Restaurant Recs Needed

The usual cravings: great food and great wine, cheap or break-the-bank. A view and/or some charm wouldn't hurt either. Thanks!

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  1. In Marciana Marina strong suggestion for Rendezvous (fish) which is on the water and a little pricey but worth it, and La Scaletta Ristorante just a block off the water and great value and strong on pasta and pizza if you don't feel like fish. Just outside of Marciana Marina on the road to Poggio is a winery with 3-4E wine (remember you're in Tuscany), and it's not too bad Also the aquarium dell"elba at Marina di Campo is well worth a visit. If you haven't been there before, be advised that while the roads are in great condition, they are narrow and windy and since now is the height of the tourist season, quite slow

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      Thanks for the recommendations. I have been to Italy every year for over 20 years but never to Elba and am surprised that it has so thoroughly escaped the attention of (at least American) tourists. That should be good but could be frustrating, not being able to find too many well vetted restauants. Let me know if you know any good sources. Not unexpectedly, you have been the only response to my post. Thanks.

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        If you speak German you might look at some German travel sites since Elba is exceedingly popular with the Germans. We found restaurants by asking the owner of the small hotel where we stayed. In fact, she gave us a card for a 10%discount at one restaurant. The other method was to walk around and find restaurants and then ask her.Since it's a pretty small island she was also able to recommend restaurants in other towns and she was right on. , I don't know where you're staying in Elba, but we drove into Portoferraio for lunch one day and ate in the old town. There are many restaurants there but I can't remember the name of the one where we ate, but I can say that we enjoyed our lunches much more when we just drove to a small town on the map,usually situated on the ocean, and picked out a restaurant

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          Thanks, Piero. Good advice. We always fared well asking employees at our hotels where they eat when they want to eat really well. You get very different recs than you do from a concierge.