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Jul 27, 2009 12:08 PM

Wedding reception at Sutton Place Hotel vs. Archeo??

Hi, my fiance and I have searched extensively through Toronto, and are finally down to 2 potential venues for a sit-down dinner & dance reception for 100-125 people: Sutton Place Hotel (Stop 33- ballroom) or Archeo (Distillery district). I was just wondering if anyone has been to events at either of these locations? Any advice or opinions would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. I went to a wedding at Archeo, the space was beautiful although it might be a tight squeeze for 125 people.

    The food was good, definately better than the average banquet fare. I believe I had salmon with israeli couscous and vegetables. Can't recall the dessert but overall I was happy with the meal.

    1. I went to a large engagement party at the sutton place a few years ago. The room was beautiful and the food was really good, however they did cocktails and finger food. Still, it was very well done.

      1. I have attended a couple of events at the Sutton Place. You can't beat that view! The food at both events was excellent, service was attentive from my recollection. I'm not familiar with Archeo so I can't compare the two. I'm particular about food so would not steer you wrong.

        1. Have you decided on your location? I too am considering Archeo. The space is very nice. I haven't had the food at either space yet. Did you go for tastings? Any further comments on the choices? We are having about 85pp.

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