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Jul 27, 2009 12:01 PM

Street -- what to get for lunch today?

I've just decided to head over to Street for lunch today, and was wondering if any of you care to suggest some items that are definitely can't miss, versus some that are surefire duds.

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  1. Don't miss the Kaya's amazing!

    1. Well that was an absolute disappointment. My friend and I split a salad, and had two dishes off of their Bites menu, and along with two non-alcoholic drinks we were set back $50 (including tax & tip) for a lunch that was just OK.

      I like the idea of this place, but I certainly don't see the value there, and the aesthetics (orange orange everywhere) leave something to be desired. Couple all of this with incredibly slow service, especially for a lunch service with only a few tables total, and I could not recommend this place.

      For the record, we shared the following items, all of which were fine, but certainly not stellar or noteworthy in any sense:

      Spinach Varenyky -- these were good; I liked the lemon and sour cream pairing, but they were so fried that I didn't get much spinach flavor, and even less cheese (as in none)

      Mung Bean Pancakes -- Umm, there's pork belly in there? Are you sure? And when I read hot mustard sauce, I thought I would get some ... I don't know ... heat with the dish. This aside, it tasted fine, just not great.

      Saigon Chicken Salad -- the best dish of the meal, this is still a very uninspired salad. The ingredients were all quality, and I liked the flavor, but I felt like this is a salad I could easily surpass at any of the Thai places in NoHo ... without question.

      So $38 + T&T, coming out to $25/person for food that was just OK (and which can easily be eclipsed by seeking out local ethnic options, which I know is not the point of this place, but still!) and I am happy to say I shan't step foot in Street again.