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Mike's Banh Mi- Chinatown

I tried out the new Banh Mi place in Chinatown today and it was excellent. I ordered the Pork Pate Sandwich with Cold cuts, extra spicy. The bread was fresh, cold cuts tasty and the toppings were also fresh, even though it could have been a bit more spicy. The highlight though was the Pork Pate, so delicious.

Each sandwich is $2.75 and they have been open for only 2 weeks in the ground floor of the Lofts Avana on the corner of Harrison and Beach. Give it a try!

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  1. Sounds good! Do you know if they do a sardine (ca moi) banh mi?


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      They only have cold cut. I went there yesterday. There cold cuts were good, the veggies were decent as was the bread. I found the bread a little to airy on the inside and a little too crusty (crumbly) on the outside. Not as good as Mei Sum I would say, and mine were a little light on the cilantro. Still worth checking out if you are fan of bahn mi. Through August, if you buy 2 you get a can of soda or water with it.

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        they will start having (ca moi next week)

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          Any confirmation on this? Sardine banh mi sounds interesting....

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            The only other place I've seen sardine banh mi is at King Do Baguette in Savin Hill, where it's fantastic.


      2. Perhaps they'd throw some more 'heat' into it if you asked.. thx for the tip, though.. I love searching for a good bahn mi when I find my way downtown.

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          I've been out of town for the last 6 months, but a few months before leaving I found 163 Vietnamese Sandwich, and made it there as much as I could. The tofu sandwich was very weak (unmarinated, barely sauced), but botht the pork and the beef ones were excellent. I THINK I liked the beef better, but can't remember. Very fresh crispy vegetables as well.

        2. Went by here for my first time on Friday; I really liked it, it is a more substantial sandwich, both from the bread and the fillings, than my favorite at Mei Sum. Also, they use jalapenos instead of thai chilis so maybe that's why heat can be hit or miss. The ingredients were super fresh, and Mike was there to tell me that his family has been making banh mi in Boston fro 20 years, their last place was in Quincy, but before that they had the stand in the C-Mart right across from Pho Hua (I have no idea of that street name). I used to love that place and was sad when it went. He also told me they will focus only on banh mi for now (though they are also selling some small selection of Cantonese bakery items, not their own, and sodas).

          Worth a try for sure.

          1. Thanks for this update! Looks like it's at 46 Beach Street near Harrison Ave.


            1. FYI, they have cold cuts and beef now, both very, very good.


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                They also have a tofu, or something, faux chicken....NOT very good, more like a frozen patty cut in half and microwaved....

                ETA: My BAD,BAD, BAD; I had the wrong Banh Mi place...I was thinking of Banh Mi 163, or whatever the numerically named one next to Maxim Bakery is called...
                Never mind...

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                  I have not seen that tofu. On the other hand, I asked what they had, and they responded, "Just cold cuts." I said, "Really? Just cold cuts?" They thought about it, and then said, "And beef."

                  So maybe if I had said, "Really? Just cold cuts and beef?", they would have admitted to having the tofu, too.


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                    My BAD,BAD, BAD; I had the wrong Banh Mi place...I was thinking of Banh Mi 163, or whatever the numerically named one next to Maxim Bakery is called...
                    Never mind...

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                      I didn't like the tofu mock-meats (chicken, ham, and duck, last I looked) at 163 Vietnamese Sandwich, either.


              2. I did a back-to-back comparison of Mei Sum Bakery and Mike's Banh Mi today. At Mei Sum I ordered a dac biet (various coldcuts and pate). Mike's only does one banh mi, with coldcuts.

                Both were very good, but the Mei Sum was a clear winner. The meats were richer and the vegetables crisper on Mei Sum's banh mi. The overall sandwich was more balanced and round, likely due to fresher (and more) cilantro and hot peppers on the Mei Sum offering.

                But the real standout was the bread. While Mike's bread was good, Mei Sum's baguette was excellent. Fresh, chewy, and just enough crustiness.

                At $2.75 a sandwich, both are excellent deals, but since they are on the same street, Mei Sum will be my choice.

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                  Have to agree; Mike's was fine in every way, but the cold cuts (about equal in my mind), the pate (slight edge to Mei Sum, but not sure as I did not taste them side by side), and the BREAD (clear winner as you say) make the Mei Sum version superior in my mind. When I ate the Mike's one I thought "this is a really good sandwich" but every time I eat one from Mei Sum I just roll my eyes in pleasure....a superior sandwich.

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                    I enjoyed Mei Sum's bahn mi again this last weekend, and that bread really is incredible. Worth it almost on its own, before the delicious cold cuts, pates, and Vietnamese aromatics. Right balance of crunch and chew, and toasted just right.

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                      I agree that Mei Sum still makes the better sandwich. Mikes is a very good sandwich though and is currently my second favorite in Chinatown after Mei Sum. I used to go to Lu's as my backup but now they would just be 3rd in my opinion.

                      The nice thing is that I live around the corner, so its easily to mix it up from time to time.

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                      Today I did the Mike's vs. Mei Sum beef banh mi back-to-back. I'm going with Mike's. The bread is lighter, crunchier -- almost like French to Mei Sum's Italian. Mei Sum also had a sweeter sauce that kind of drowns out the other flavors. Mike's had veggies that came through a little clearer, crunchier and more veggie-tasting. Both were very good.

                      The Mei Sum tofu banh mi was good (I don't think Mike's does this) and the Mei Sum pork buns were great as well -- although it looks like Mike's also has pork buns.

                      So for me it'll be all about context: If I'm going with a vegetarian, or if I'm in one of my guilt-ridden no-meat phases, I'm headed to Mei Sum. If I'm after a beef, I'm headed to Mike's. Pretty great job at both places, and very nice people at both spots as well.

                      1. re: jlittlew

                        It's a good problem to have, with two really good bann mi places within a couple of blocks of each other. Mike's currently only has two options, beef and cold cuts, while Mei Sum's tofu might be the best of its kind around. I think both have better banh mi all around than the nearby competitors Lu's and 163, but to be fair, even an average banh mi at $2.75 is still a great lunch deal. I'd be happy to see both of them expand their range of options just a little bit.


                        1. re: MC Slim JB

                          Hey now! While I agree that Mei Sum's is superior to Lu's (have not tried Mike's as I'm living in NYC now), Lu's meatball banh mi may be the best in the business, especially if you're looking for a more filling sandwich.

                          Either way, Boston's banh mi options are fantastic and incredibly cheap. You certainly can't find banh mi that cheap in New York, they generally start at $5

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                            I really like the pork meatballs at Lu's, too, but the inferior bread is a showstopper for me. To the rescue: King Do, which has 15 banh mi options, including those meatballs in a similar kind of tomato sauce, and a great roll.


                        2. re: jlittlew

                          Repeat beef customers at Mei Sum know to ask for them to leave off the sweet sauce.. ;)

                      2. The Kid and i got two Combo extra spicy Banh Mis this past saturday. even though we didn't get to them until we got home we really liked them a lot. our only issue being that some of the veggies were cut too thick. we'll be back for sure.

                        1. I have tried every Banh Mi place in Chinatown... the place on Washington St, the Mei Sum, Lu's and Mikes and 163 and I have to say that I love the spicy beef at the 163 on Harrison Ave. I think the beef has the best flavor. They all seem to have the exact same bread, I think it's just a matter of how long they put it in the oven for... at 163 the rolls are kept in the warming oven to keep them crisp. I will keep trying since it is my quest to find perfection! LOL

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                                Next door to the bakery on the corner and the bank... I always get the spicy beef. They don't use jalepanos so it is really spicy - eating one right now!

                                1. re: MeffaBabe

                                  I had one a couple days ago, and it's my favorite spot, too. I also like their fried spring rolls. I will have to try Mike's though.

                                    1. re: jgg13

                                      Thai chillies are key which is why I always like Mei Sum's chili addition the best. Occasionally at Pho Viet (S88 Food court) I will ask for some jalapenos to add, but it ain't the same.

                                      1. re: StriperGuy

                                        Good to know. I've been meaning to check out the banh mi places and knew that some used thai vs jalapeno (and wanted the former), so now I know which is which :)

                              2. re: MeffaBabe

                                Guess I will have to try it again. I'm not sure they all get the same bread, last time I had one from 163 and from Mei Sum the same day, and the bread at 163 was definitely bigger, softer, and heavier than the Mei Sum, which was light and crisp. Maybe they've improved. I also could not taste the pate (one of my favorite parts of this sandwich -- I almost always get the cold cut version). In any case, worth another try, competition in the banh mi circle is becoming fierce. If I could handle it I'd do a taste off of every place in town all at once!

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                                  Pure speculation on my part, but I would also guess that the Chinatown banh mi joints get their rolls from different bakeries. Doesn't Mei Sum make their own?


                                  1. re: MC Slim JB

                                    Yes, I'd imagine they pull from different bakeries. Mike's and Mei Sum certainly are different bread--the perfection of Mei Sum's bread cannot alone derive from how fresh it is, or how they toast it.

                                    And, yes, Mei Sum makes their own bread--I asked last time I was in. They are, after all, a bakery.

                                    1. re: rlove

                                      It's one of the reasons I love the banh mi at King Do Baguette, another bakery: superior baguette. (And the fact that they have sardines, of course.)


                                      1. re: MC Slim JB

                                        How are the sardines prepared for that sandwich, and what are the other ingredients?

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                                          The King Do ca moi banh mi features two comparatively large (like, 4" long filets), plump sardines laid end-to-end. I don't know if they come from a can or what. Accompaniments are typical: cucumber spear, pickled shredded daikon, pickled shredded carrots, fresh cilantro, a squirt of a nuoc cham-type of fish-sauce-based condiment, fresh sliced jalapeños.


                                        2. re: MC Slim JB

                                          Trying the sardine banh mi (cá moi?) at King Do Baguette is at the top of my food list, thanks to your recommendation, MC Slim.

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                                          I dig the bread at Mei Sum too, but today I asked about it whern there; thje usual lady who makes the sandwiches was not there, so one of the other regular staff made them for me. When I asked if they made the bread she said "no, but this bread is much better than the ones used at the other banh mi places, don't you think?". She also told me they make everything else there in-house. Wonder if she's been reading Chowhound, haha.

                                  2. Anyone know what time Mike's or Mei Sum are open until?

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                                      Mei Sum until 7pm
                                      Mikes until 5:30

                                      Mei Sum seems to run out if you go too late though, whenever I grab one for dinner I usually have to get there by 5-5:30 or else I go over to Lu's.