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Jul 27, 2009 11:22 AM

Vidalia or Georgia Brown's?

DC Restaurant Week is up (, and I've been meaning to get to both Vidalia and Georgia Brown's. I suppose I have two questions here: 1) which is better overall, and 2) has anyone had a great or not-so-great restaurant week experience at either?


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  1. IMHO, it's not even close: Vidalia. Many great meals there over the years, while Georgia Brown's has been just OK. Can't speak to Restaurant Week per se.

    1. i had a not-so-stellar restaurant week experience at vidalia, but have never been to g'brown's for restaurant week. i've always enjoyed it for regular dining, though.

      1. I went to Georgia Brown's once for RW and thought the food was quite good. But my major memory was that is was SOOOOOO loud in there. It was totally filled to capacity and my boyfriend and I were practically screaming at each other in order to have a conversation. Our service and food was great. But it was too damn loud to be totally enjoyable.

        I'm hoping to check out Vidalia this year for Restaurant Week. I haven't been there in 6+ years and I hear they do RW right.

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          elyssa — if they have the rabbit pappardelle at vidalia when you go (and you don't have an opposition to eating rabbit) you should definitely get it. it was divine, leaps and bounds and leaps and bounds better than anything else we had there.

          1. re: littlew1ng

            Ooooo good to know! I have no objection what-so-ever to eating rabbit (nor most other things :) )

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              the rabbit was "leaps and bounds and leaps and bounds better"
              oh littlewing, LOL!!

              ps. mr. alka just had hare (or maybe they called it rabbit?) and pappardelle at i ricchi, and he loved it. but he likes the wabbits generally!

          2. Definitely Vidalia. Have been there for regular and RW. Always happy with it.

            1. I went to Vidalia for RW a couple years ago and was so disappointed that many of the menu items had upcharges, but I have heard that they have stopped doing that in recent years. I don't really prefer either, but I would go to Vidalia over Georgia Brown's for restaurant week due to the fact that Vidalia would be a much better deal over their normal dinner prices.

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                tosca has fabulous rabbit pappardelle if vidalia doesn't...