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Jul 27, 2009 10:43 AM

Tonali Saturday Brunch- Durham, NC

Tonali is now serving brunch on Saturdays. I haven't been yet, but they gave me a menu when I stopped by last week for takeout. It looks awesome and should meet a long felt need for good brunch on Saturdays.

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  1. That's awesome news. Any possibility of getting the brunch menu posted here somewhere? What time does brunch start?

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      Sorry for the delayed response. Their hours for brunch are 11 to 2:30. I haven't the means to post the menu but I can tell you that they offer a couple of salads, 5 different free-range egg dishes, a Spanish tortilla, a quiche, and some regional Mexican dishes including carnitas, pollo con chilaquiles, carne asada ala huasteca, and sincronizada de pavo y mole poblano.

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        Just got back from brunch. Tonali delivered as expected. I tried the tortilla which was similar to an omelet with potatoes, zucchini blossoms, onions, and Oaxacan cheese surrounded by a spicy sauce. Awesome. My wife had eggs poached in a tomato chile broth with beans and asadero cheese. Her plate was cleaned swiftly and efficiently. In addition to the breakfast items and regional dishes, they offer 6 different tortas, one of which contains house smoked bacon.

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          I can't add too much menu wise, but I can confirm that it's very different from the lunch or dinner menus. I had huevos divorciados--fried eggs over blue-corn tortillas separated by a fence of frijoles charros; one side red, the other green. Fabulous! My daughter was quite impressed by the queso fresco torta, and my spouse had the omelet with zucchini blossoms, etc., which she also loved.

          The coffee was organic Mexican which had been mixed with some cinammon, Mexican brown sugar, bay leaf and lemon and lime zest (according to Andre). Outrageous!

          Andre said that he's hoping to add Mexican pancakes and waffles as time allows. The menu is already quite extensive, though, and could keep me busy for quite a few Saturdays.

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            This sounds great. I suppose brunch is only on Saturdays? Closed on Sunday?

        2. I just ate brunch at Tonali and it was great. They have a really nice variety on the menu including several agua frescas. Everything on the menu sounded so good I had a difficult time trying to decide what to order. I ended up going with the eggs poached in tomato chile broth with beans and asadero cheese. To wash it down I had a nice horchata. My lady had the corn and poblano quiche with with field greens and Mexican coffee. The waitress seemed especially proud of the coffee and mentioned (on two occasions) that it was organic. Everything we had was really good. High quality ingredients and nice presentation. Total bill was $22 before tip.

          The only gripe I had is that there was no drink menu and our server never mentioned the availability of drinks from the bar. Had I known that beer, wine, etc. was available I might have had a sangaria or a Cerveza Superior to go along with my tasty meal.

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            We too were there today. The take on the Spanish tortilla was amazing -- baked with cheese, onions, and zucchini blossoms. Also, the plate which was a sort of huevos rancheros was brilliant. Two blue corn tortillas, fried eggs on each, one with green tomatillo sauce and one with a less tart red chili sauce, with a "line" of charros with salsa "dividing" them was also great, and beautiful besides -- reminding us of the Santa Fe Christmas dishes with both red and green chili sauces on dishes. Drinks were available -- the Margaritas are very good. All dishes are in the $8-10 range. Wonderful imaginative chef , even for foodie Durham.