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Jul 27, 2009 10:35 AM

Pre-Wedding Weekend Dinner - stumped!

So we were planning on going to Splendido months back for our Sat night dinner prior to getting married - but given the change of ownership/new menu, I am not willing to take a chance on this night.

The question now is, given Canoe is closed on weekends, our last few meals at Scaramouche were less than desirable, where do we go!?

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  1. Have you considered Chiado, Kaji or Mistura?

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    1. re: phoenikia

      I have.

      Chiado is too fish focused for the Fiance - she is not the biggest fan of cooked fish.

      Kaji I would love, but given he only offers Omakase, and given her shellfish allergy + aversion to some cooked fish, not the best option.

      Mistura is another option, I enjoyed it the few times I have gone...not sold on it though.

      1. re: Sadistick

        How about Auberge du Pommier? I'm not a fan of the food, but if you need a place with more meat options, great service and an impressive atmosphere (for TO), maybe it could work for you and your fiance?

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          How many people will be attending? We had our rehearsal dinner (it was a small group - 11 people) in the private room at Mistura and it was fabulous. I also concur with the Auberge recco.

      2. I would pick north 44. They are not avante garde but in my experience consistently excellent food and service.

        1. Not sure how many people, but what about Nota Bene - or re-consider Splendido? The 'team' at Splendido is almost intact - and have been in place all year, so I wouldn't be concerned about service issues - but of course, can't comment on the new menu. But in the past, the private room/wine cellar was more easily available on weekends as the corporate requests are fewer on weekends.

          Incidentally, in SF I've always enjoyed Danko - it's hectic/frantic but the food has always (well, mostly) been good. Can't help with Mexican! But in Napa, my favourite dining spot is at Domaine Chandon (Etoile). Can't say it's the best at anything, but the whole experience is both relaxing and romantic (and Forbes magazine places it in its Top 10 romantic places for 2009). And wine prices on their own wines are reasonable. I was really disappointed with Auberge de Soleil.
          Just remember that the traffic jams will mean it ALWAYS takes longer to get anywhere there.

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          1. re: estufarian

            What about Globe Bistro? You can buy out the upper level for groups of up to 50. They also have a stage level (it's a former theatre) that can seat up to 12, I think. I'm considering having an event on the upper level.

          2. Maybe George... the patio is particularly pretty this time of year.

            I like Colborne Lane, and if you can get the private room it could make for a very special evening... but you (and your guests) have to be open to taking a few risks. I enjoy the sense of adventure but the experimental nature of the cooking means that sometimes you can get a plate that doesn't quite work.

            I think Mistura is a solid choice (although I kinda get your sense of "not sold-ness"). And I like Globe although it's a more casual (although less pricy option than your other picks).

            1. My husband and I went to George for our pre-wedding dinner. The patio was absolutely perfect for a quiet, romantic dinner before the craziness started. We've now gone back for our anniversary and it was wonderful again.