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Jul 27, 2009 10:25 AM

Dining near the Shubert?

My wife and I have tickets for "Jersey Boys" at the Shubert next week and I was wondering if I could ask for moderately priced dining reco's within walking distance. We enjoy any and all types of food. Also, does anyone happen to know what time the parking meters go "off duty" on a weekday evening?

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  1. Teatro is pretty good, not too expensive and nearby. I'm not sure if the meters stop at 6 or 8.

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    1. re: pemma

      I thibnk I recall a past recommendation for the pub menu at Jacob Wirths, which is very close by.

      1. re: pasta

        It's close but IMO the food is horrible

        I'd recommend Avila, though it might be a bit above "moderately" priced.

        Chinatown is very close by and definitely in the price range.

      2. re: pemma

        meters go off at 8.

        penang is right there for malaysian.

      3. We say Jersey Boys on Saturday night. Great show. You'll love it. We ate at Montien a decent Thai restauant which also offers sushi and reasonable prices.

        1. The Shubert is a couple of blocks from Chinatown. Everyone on this board has different favorites. I like East Ocean City, Peach Farm, Jumbo and Taiwan Café. A search on Chinatown will overwhelm you with choices, all moderately priced.

          Pho Hoa is excellent Vietnamese.

          Montien is good - ask for the special Thai menu.

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            We have several favorites in Chinatown, but I was hoping to find something other than
            C.T. since we dine there pretty regularly. Guess I should have mentioned that.
            I am thinking perhaps Marliave, I understand it is the same ownership as the Grotto, which has always been first-rate.
            Thanks for all your suggestions.

            1. re: terrystu

              silvertone is around the corner from marliave.