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Oct 25, 2004 04:28 PM

Any Scottish Restaurant in Orange County or LA?

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Looking for Scottish fare and design.

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  1. The Tam O'Shanter in Los Feliz has a Scottish theme, and the prime rib and steak is outstanding. It's part of the Lawry's group.

    Link: http://www.lawrysonline.com/tam/

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    1. re: lil mikey

      the hagis is disgusting here...when they have it

      2013 W BURBANK BLVD
      Never eaten there, can't vouch but call them up.

      1. r
        Richard Gould-Saltman (McFarlin)

        Actual Scots food? You'll be hard-pressed to find haggis other than at the Tam O'Shanter's Burns Night; I don't think I've ever seen clootie pudding, or tatties and neeps called those names on a menu in LA; I'm SURE I've never seen cullen skink on an LA menu, and, crapenhite (sp?)well, the less said, the better...

        RFGS(yeah, me mother's maiden name was McFarlin, and they ran the McFarlins out o'Scotland as cattle rustlers! You wanna start somethin', laddie?)

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        1. re: Richard Gould-Saltman (McFarlin)

          Well, kind of like that, yeah.

          I was looking at:



          and wondering if any place around here (I'm in Orange County) does quality Scottish food like that. It looks really good.

          Like, one place had a Galia Melon with Drambuie Granite. Sounded delicious.

          Maybe somewhere?

          1. re: Richard Gould-Saltman (McFarlin)
            Richard Gould-Saltman (McFarlin)

            That should, of course, have been clootie DUMPLINGS....

            1. re: Richard Gould-Saltman (McFarlin)
              torta basilica

              Sadly, Bob Burns got pushed out of Fashion Island - get a tear in my eye every Christmas missing good times after shopping there...

            2. Try calling The Olde Ship in Santa Ana or Fullerton. Although they are English, they might know where you can get Scottish food or maybe they will make some for you.

              1. Well, Gordon Ramsey is over in Los Angeles (Link) to open a restaurant for his tv program Hells Kitchen.
                Maybe that place will have something appropriate.

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                1. re: Stuartmm

                  Not sure what venue Gordon Ramsey is planning to put the amatuer chefs in to choose his "top chef." D'ya think he's taking suggestions? LOL

                  And, maybe he's giving them "hell" looking for some serious contenders ready to take over a place as quality as Spago or something. His personality seems to be the demanding and demeaning English dry quality like Anne Richardson or Simon Cowell (that some have come to love). Anyway,

                  Seriously, though, I'm wanting to suggest.

                  And, not just seeking "fair food" or just stereotypicals. Although, the classic smoked haddock and potato soup could be deliciously well made. The menu at The Forth Inn and The Masonic Arms in Scotland sounds good and I would go to a place like that gladly (and if the interior was as maybe as quality as Chat Noir . . .). And, I know several others that would relish the experience as well if it's not just sub-par cheffing. Step-father may even wear his kilt and hand-made woolen stockings on occasion.

                  It just doesn't seem there is any restaurant of upscale, even trendy, quality Scottish around here. Are they all totally Americanized? Galia Melon with Drambuie Granite is easily possible for me to make, but not sure about other recipes, quality pub grub to fine dining.

                  I guess finding a quality Scottish place like that is simply dreaming at this point.

                  1. re: kc girl

                    He already allegedly "injured" one of the contestants so the hell part is there :-)
                    I hope there is a kitchen table .

                    I think the closest you will get in LA is a Scandinavian or German restaurant.

                    If we had some food pubs like Babbity Bowsters or Rab Ha's from Glasgow that would be great but its just not available.

                    1. re: Stuart

                      Oh! Why did you have to bring up Babbity Bowster's? I had just gotten over my Scottish-vacation nostalgia -- now all I can think of is the awesome cullen skink I had when we ate, drank, and stayed at Babbity Bowster's this summer. And now I'm thinking of the smoked venison from Cafe Gandolfi in Glasgow and the carrot soup from Valvona and Crolla in Edinburgh!

                      If this rainy weather keeps up, I'm going to have to find _someplace_ in L.A. for a Scottish-food fix, even if I have to cook it myself -- Bon Appetit had a whole Scotland issue this summer with some good recipes.