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Le Creuset, All-Clad, Where to get the best deals in Ontario?

Good Morning

Reaching out in hopes that I can find a good retailer that stocks the above. I have been ordering from the US because the prices seem to be much better than I have been able to find here in Ontario even when adding in the shipping and duty. It would be nice to purchase closer to home. Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. I don't know about retail, but I've bought 2 brand new All-Clad pots on eBay, they ended up being about 1/2 the price. I know it's not a local option, but it seems to be the cheapest.

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      healthy butcher on queen west is selling le creuset at a lower regular price than competitors. they seem to carry many sizes and colours.

      nella had 50% on le creuset 2 weekends ago, not sure if anything is left, or if the sale is still on.

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        Big Dutch ovens? I saw them once online for $500+!!! I'd kill to have a Le Creuset Dutch oven and a couple of smaller pots, but the price is staggering.

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        I am from london, unfortunately we do not have a Williams Sonoma here. I have been purchasing from Cutlery and More & Metro Kitchen online and have been finding even with exchange, shipping & duty I am much farther ahead. Have also had luck shopping at the Le Creuset outlet stores in New Jersey (brother lives there) and Port Huron. Prices are fantastic but they do not ship to Canada, when I have visited Jersey have had to go thru the trouble of shipping via UPS because items are too heavy to carry on the plane. I find the prices in Canada are astronomical, same thing with All-Clad. Items are almost double after my total price including shipping, duties, exchange and export fees. It would be nice to have the ease of just picking up at piece at a local retailer if you know what I mean. Not sure if anyone has hit the outlet store in Port Huron, they have new and seconds(very few flaws and the deals are fantastic!).

      2. Williams-Sonoma sometimes has sales. I purchased a LC piece two years ago at over $50 off the regular price. They had a decent selection of shapes and sizes, but not colors (although I was able to get the colour I wanted). Also, I've been super lucky to snag another LC piece (a 5.5 qt French oven in the classic Flame colour) at Winners of all places. It was $99! It had only a couple of tiny superficial scratches on the bottom (which occur with regular use anyways). I saved over $120 (not including tax)! I've seen some LC there on other occasions, but I imagine it's a matter of right place-right time. Never hurts to check, though.

        Not sure where in Ontario you are, but I think Williams-Sonoma is only in Toronto, although Winner's is province-wide.

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          I'm in Windsor. If need be, I can hit the Williams Sonoma across the border. I'm in Toronto every few weeks or so, though, so I can pop into Yorkdale or try Nella's, Winners or one of the other places mentioned the next time I'm in town. The Windsor Winners stores don't carry as many "finds" as in Toronto. I've always had luck with the store at Laird and Eglinton. Which Winners was it where you found the LC pot? I'd love a 5.5 qt. oven. The one little pot I have is orange. It isn't a beauty, but it has character. I'd consider getting another orange pot, for consistency.

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            Homesense I think is part of winners.... anyway they sell some nice stuff for good prices. Maybe the Bay too when they are having sales? What are you looking to buy?

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              I'm looking for any of the following: 5 qt. pot and a 6.75 qt. oval pot large enough to hold a fair-sized single brisket. If it's not big enough, then maybe the larger 9.5 qt. I used to have a 2.75 qt. pot that made rice beautifully, but it was a hand-me-down that had been in use for many years. The enamel had worn out of it and after staining it while cooking black beans, I tossed it, for fear that we might be exposing ourselves to something toxic that the coating had been protecting.

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                Too bad you threw it out I believe Le Creuset has quite the warranty, if it happens again you may want to contact them, they may replace it free of charge. I have read in many blogs that people have had them replaced by Le Creuset.

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                  These days, most ("western") companies have amazing warrantees.. I just got a sunglass clip replaced because I wrote to enquire.. And that's something that is virtually guaranteed to break!

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                    I threw my pot out because it was a hand me down from my boyfriend's grandmother when she moved to a retirement home. The pot was likely 40 years old or more and, pack rat that she was, I doubt she still kept the the receipt of purchase to claim any warranty. It is good to know, though. I won't be so hasty in the future with other items possibly under warranty.

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                      I wouldn't worry about a receipt since warranty is lifetime and they know it is their product. I would just write to them in the future.

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              Le chef complet in Burlington (Brant St) carries Le Crueset as well

          2. Hi
            Not as consistent an option, but don't forget to scope random garage sales. We found a full set of various sizes of Le Creuset for exactly $30. What a score.

            1. Yeah I want a good quality roasting pan, so I wandered into Williams Sonoma the other day. It was frightening what they wanted, I think I saw roasting pans for like, $375, $450...

              Huzzawhazzzaa? Arrrr?

              I think I've seen a sale on there once, ever. It was before I had any sense of anything food cooking related, and picked up a small all clad saucepan for $25 brand new. They had similar small frying pans on sale, same price, but were sold out. If I had known, I would have driven to every location trying to land a few of those. Would be great for throwing in the oven.

              1. As to the Winners in which I found my LC French oven, I believe it was Dufferin/Steeles. Home Sense, as mentioned, would also be a good place to check.

                Another thought - have you considered Calphalon in lieu of All Clad? It's quite a bit cheaper and the quality is fantastic. When I was deciding which brand to get (for a frying pan), I did tons of research and found great reviews for both brands, but I was sold on Calphalon (Tri-Ply line) because of the price, and also because ultimately I just liked the way it felt in my hands compared to All Clad. Just my $0.02.

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                  Home Sense can be a real crap shoot--sometimes literally. Selection must vary hugely and inconsistently among stores, since I never seen anything worth buying in the sloppy west-end GTA stores that look like bankrupt Soprano family yard sales--blech!

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                    Caphalon is great quality and tremendous value. I always thought that All Clad was overrated and I hate their thin, flimsy, uncomfortable handles.

                  2. I bought mine at the William Ashley warehouse sale, don't remember exactly how much it was but it is a large dutch oven and was quite reasonable. Its a good place to buy if you're not fussy about color.

                    1. I don't know if they still carry them, but 2 years ago I got the 9L dutch oven + 2L + 2 spatulas for $175 at Costco. What a steal!!!

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                          What Costco does have is a brown Mario Batali 4 quart casserole, at $40. I like it because there are nipples on the inside of the lid, to provide basting while cooking.
                          The fit and finish seems to be good, although Gallic afficianados will disagree and prefer to pay more. http://www.givinggallery.com/mario-ba...

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                            Sad to see that Costco has opted for Chinese-made over Creuset and Staub. Iffy OC and so-so fit 'n finish on Chinese-made look-a-likes makes them no deal for me. Thanks, though, jayt90 for a current listing. Problem with this thread is no real info on consistent deals on quality cookware, just out-of-date and/or one-time bargains. Home Sense leads are useless unless a location and supply are specified.

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                              They may re-introduce Staub. I guess it depends on the price. They have an Emile Henri tagine at $90 which looks good. If I bought it it would probably break!
                              The Batali casserole looks good. Who knows whether the great chef actually enforces quality control?

                      1. Drive 4 hours down to Grove City outlet and go to the Le Creuset store. They always have some stuff on sale very cheap, especially if you aren't fussy about color.

                        1. winner and home sense for sure, but it is hit and miss and depends on location. ask friends to keep an eye out for you. Many, many years ago Canadian Tire carried sets of Le Crueset, I bought mine there in the early 80's. Also Home hardware has some pieces now and again.

                          1. nothing at winners spadina/king & college/yonge.. had a look for you :) .. the key at winners is to look very frequently.

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                              The Internet Kitchen Store on Eglinton Avenue West just west of Yonge Street, (past Duplex) is a terrific resource.....I don't believe they carry Le Creuset but they do carry Calphalon & All Clad...it's a wonderful little store with really helpful owners..they have a website ...big plus is that they will order stuff for you...it's worth checking out...........

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                                there's a design store in that big complex at spadina and richmond that sold me a 130 dollar la creuset cast iron pan at cost for 80 dollars. but i think it was an anomaly situation.

                            2. The Homesense just off of Lawrence East (Ashtonbee Rd.) had periwinkle blue and classic flame dutch ovens in various sizes and shapes (round and oval) around the holiday season last year; I scored a large periwinkle round one for $99. I saw similar stock during the same season at the Homesense on Yonge across from the Eaton Centre. Haven't seen them at either store since, but it might be worth checking again around the holidays this year.

                              1. Dunno if you're still looking, but I saw a bunch of creuset stuff in the Winners at King/Spadina.. typically, this means that other stores will have some too.

                                Was there yesterday.

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                                  saw a few in winners on bay and college too. was there thursday.