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Jul 27, 2009 08:52 AM

Nourish -- New Vegie Friendly place in Lexington

Friday evening we went to Nourish (Lexington Center in the old Not Your Average Joe's space). As it tuned out it was opening night, but you couldn't really tell, a couple of minor pauses in the flow but nothing out of ordinary for a friday. Service was friendly and attentive, really trying to please.
The food will be familiar to whose who know Big Fresh and Tennessee's BBQ in Framingham, since Nourish is the new joint project of the husband and wife team behind those restaurants. The fresh locally sourced very vegie friendly focus of Big Fresh is enhanced with selected BBQ elements from Tennessee's which makes a wide ranging menu that can satisfy parties with widely divergent tastes and dietary preferences. But the presentation here has a bit more style and finish to match the sit down context. They also serve a broader selection of beer and wine along with a full bar. And the prices are quite reasonable.

My two dining companions were in a carne mood one choosing the ribs and the other the 1/4 chicken. They were both very happy with the treatment and the cucumber salad and pleasantly spicy beans that accompanied. I had the Tempeh served on kale (perfectly cooked -- tender but not mush) and really liked the molasses based sauce that still wasn't too sweet and the nice beet salad.

Supper innovative neuvo high end? No. Tasty locally focused menu for diverse tastes with nice service, in a nice location at a nice price? Absolutely. Personally I go to places that meet this later description a lot more often than the former these days.

Nourish is a really nice addition to the metro west dinning experience.

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  1. Thanks for the report. I had been waiting for this place to open for some time now (thanks for pointing out that they have finally opened!). I'm a big fan of Tennessee's, so definitely looking forward to trying the place out. And I can't wait to try some of their organic beers. :-)

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      Yeah, I love that Wolaver's organic pale ale.

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        If they have Wolaver's, I may need to go there tonight!

    2. This is terrific news-- I have been really missing Big Fresh since I moved out this way, and was complaining about there being no healthier options like it. Is Nourish like Big Fresh-- not a super fancy/expensive place, and can you describe where it is? I don't know where the old Joe's location was.

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        Nourish is larger and a slightly fancier place but doesn't loose the comfortable, welcoming feel of Big Fresh. The dinner entree prices are in the $11-16.

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          Right smack in the middle of Lexington Center....

        2. Nourish Restaurant, 1727 Massachusetts Avenue, Lexington, MA, 02420

          1. hey! that sounds just like what we had that night!

            1. We went to Nourish on Friday night. It was early, and they weren't very busy. The vibe is sort of odd - the decor doesn't scream Health Food, and the lighting is a little too bright. (Though maybe that was because it was still light out and they have the wall of front windows...) The menu was sort of odd also - a mix of vegetarian (falafel, tempeh, tofu) and barbeque. Which seems like a great compromise for families like ours where I'm doing a three week vegan diet and my husband and kid are not, and yet it just struck husband and me as weird. He was reluctant to order the barbeque (even though he knew about the Tennessee's pedigree and we both like Tennessee's). He wasn't able to put into words why, just that it didn't seem like a place to order meat.

              What we did have:
              Apps: Two dips - spicy carrot and hummus, served with whole-wheat pita and crudites. The carrot dip was delicous - hubby and I were fighting over it. Good curry flavor, served warm. The hummus was too thick for my taste - too much tahini, not enough garlic and olive oil. The serving of veggies to dip was paltry - a really anemic looking little pile of carrot, zucchini, summer squash, and celery sticks. They were fresh enough, just a really tiny portion, and cut so thinly that it was hard to use them to dip, especially in the super-thick hummus.

              1. Tofu/broccoli stir-fry with satay sauce over jasmine rice. This was really tasty. The presentation was not great - basically they dumped some rice into a bowl, topped it with sliced tofu and steamed broccoli, and dumped some sauce on top. Definitely looked and tasted like something I would make at home on a weeknight with little time to cook. There really were only four elements - rice, tofu, broccoli, sauce.

              2. Moroccan tagine "stir-fry" of chicken with a sweet potato/tomato sauce over couscous. My husband was pretty disappointed with this dish. They probably should not call it a tagine. It was seriously weird - chicken breast and broccoli over couscous with an odd red sauce that tasted nothing of Morocco. He picked at it a bit.

              3. Kid's mac and cheese with chicken and broccoli. My daughter ordered mac and cheese, but the kitchen sent out a plate of sliced chicken breast and steamed broccoli with a small bowl of mac and cheese on the plate. Our server seemed confused about how that happened, and checked that indeed the computer printed out just mac and cheese. We kept it - no big deal. The chicken was bland but not dry - broccoli was just steamed broccoli. The mac and cheese looked good - white cheese and elbows. My daughter liked it.

              Service was very friendly and efficient. Our waitress was very enthusiastic about the menu and told us "Everything is organic, but some things aren't organic because they're local, and we'd rather get local than organic" or something like that. It was a little confusing, but she was clearly very sincere.

              And I think that sums up our experience of Nourish - sincere but confusing, not polished but friendly, and overall just OK.