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Jul 27, 2009 08:51 AM

Please Help! Lunch in Hollywood - Need Quick Recs!

We're taking out a colleague who is moving back to the UK to lunch today and I'm drawing a total blank! We're in Hollywood but would be willing to drive up to 15-20 mins. away for a good lunch. I was initially thinking Mexican or burgers for a classic LA/American meal that he won't be able to get in Britain, but nothing I've come up with so far has inspired me. Any recommendations?

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  1. Is Baby Blues BBQ in WeHo any good? I've only been to the Venice location. BBQ is pretty uniquely American, right?

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    1. re: aching

      How is the Thai food in the UK? Maybe Jitlada? I am very much in the pro camp when it comes to Baby Blues in Venice but have not been to the WeHo branch. The WeHo location did get a lot of good posts here, (along with some thumbs down from the BBQ purists). BBQ is very American and I'm sure it would be difficult to match BB's in the UK.

      1. The burger at Comme Ca is always a solid choice....

        1. Loteria Grill for Mexican. Hungry Cat for a hamburger or a lobster roll or clam roll.

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            Ditto. Go to Loteria. Or Hungry Cat. Or Musso & Frank's for the old Hollywood atmosphere more than for non-UK food. And Baby Blues WH is excellent!

          2. How about Lucky Devils for a burger and malt, or one of their great draft beers.