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Jul 27, 2009 08:37 AM

Best Silicone Whisk

I am on the hunt for the best silicone whisk on the market. One that will hold up use after use. The last few I have purchased have not held up so well. The silicone seems to separate from the wire and bits of them break off. I have invested in quite a few Le Creuset and All-Clad products and am looking for a product that will not scratch the surfaces and therefore felt silicone would be the way to go. Any thoughts, recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. Believe it or not, I bought a couple of red ones at Walmart just because -- they were red! The brand is Farberware, and for the price, they are amazing. If you check the cooking utensil aisle out in any store, you will find these whisks in various sizes. I bought two small ones and love them both. They survive the dishwasher just fine and have done so for more than a year. Just put them in the cutlery tray so that the way drips out of the handle when you wash them.

    1. vitadolce, this reply probably does not respond directly to your question.

      You asked about whisks. When you think of whisks, you simply must think of Best Manufacturing: Other companies make lots of kitchen tools and -- oh yes -- also some whisks. No other company, anywhere in the world, has as much devoted its business, its research, and its development, to whisks as Best Manufacturing, which lives and dies with whisks; that is what Best does "best." Yes, Best makes some products that are not whisks, but they are sidelines; the core business is whisks.

      I admit that I do not know if Best Manufacturing makes a silicone whisk, but if Best does not make one, there must be a good reason, because Best knows whisks better than anybody, and Best whisks are the ne plus ultra of whisks.

      1. I have a couple of silicone coated whisks, a balloon whisk from Kuhn Rikon and a flat whisk from Cuispro, and they seem to be holding up. I still prefer the feel of an all metal whisk, but I use the silicone coated whisks on teflon and tin-lined copper.