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Jul 27, 2009 08:31 AM

Cold snap pea soup?

I have 3 lbs of snap peas to get rid of; and would like to do something other than blanching them in salads, adding to pasta, etc. Does anyone have a soup recommendation they'd endorse for summer? I'm lactose intolerant so something without too much milk or cream would be preferable. If anyone has other unique recipes, I'd enjoy those too - I saw a pea pancake recipe earlier that looked intriguing.

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  1. I like them raw but if I were to make a non-dairy soup I'd simmer them in chicken broth with carrot, bell pepper, celery leaves, and onion/leek/scallion, season to taste, then add instant mashed potato flakes to give it a little body, then puree and serve chilled or hot.

    1. I like this Bon App├ętit' recipe. It's dairy-freeexcept for the optional yogurt topping. (I like it with a little less tarragon and finished with shaved parm).
      Green Pea Soup With Tarragon & Pea Sprouts

      Also, Mark Bittman recently posted a recipe for "Possibly the Best Pea Soup" that looks pretty great and only has a little dairy (1/4 cup cream or half-and half).

      Can you eat parmesan? I know a lot of people with lactose intolerance are fine with it.

      Some other pea recipes I like:

      Sally Schneider's Lemony Sugar Snap Peas With Shaved Parmigiano

      Asparagus, Peas, and Basil (Piselli Con Asparagi E Basilico

      Pea & Parmesan Wonton Ravioli