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Jul 27, 2009 08:02 AM


i have a reservation at hatfields for saturday august 8. this is the last meal served at the current location before they reopen at their new address in september. i wonder if its a bad idea to eat at a restaurant the day it closes for vacation/renorvation or the day it reopens from same? any thoughts.

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    1. re: kpatick

      I don't have any first hand experience with last pre-move nights, but I'd gamble that it will be a great experience, charged with celebratory energy, and probably a lot of friends and family and hardcore fans in the house to impress, like the final performance of a great play before it transfers to a bigger theatre.

      So I say go for it. And please report back.

    2. You can never go wrong at Hatfield's! It remains my favorite restaurant for its impeccability and consistency. Their standards are so high. Be sure to order dessert, Karen's specialties. You can also follow Quinn on Twitter. I think he's called TwoHatfields. Enjoy!