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Jul 27, 2009 08:02 AM

Port Stanley options?

Staying at the Windjammer Inn next weekend for my husband's birthday, so dinner is sorted for one night but interested in other places in & around the area for good eats/drinks.

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  1. I usually dine at the Kettlecreek Inn when I'm in Port Stanley.

    I usually order the Lake Erie perch when I'm there, occasionally the pickerel. Nice people running the place, and the prettiest patio setting in Port Stanley.

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      Many thanks phoenikia, it's on the list!

    2. I enjoy ME and Suzie's. It is pretty casual, it has a nice patio, and the food that I have had was quite good. The emphasis is on local-grown as well.

      If you want really, really, really casual you can't beat Mackie's fries, located right on the beach!

      1. We always enjoy the Pineapple Dining Room in the Telegraph House.

        I was there last weekend and had a great platter of perch and a glass of wine on the porch at Mickey's Boathouse. A little more causual...a little more of what you'd expect from a beach/port town.

        Not sure if you go there often, but if this is a first visit, you should probably have fries at Mackies (as someone else posted) and try there unique, orange fry sauce.


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          1. Going this weekend for a ladies weekend. We eat out on the Friday after arrival and then eat in the rest of the weekend.
            The last two years we went to a local watering hole called Captains Corner/Captains Cook? or something and my simple perch burger was really simple and really good. However this place is now closed so we are looking for a new casual place.
            Apparently the new place in that location is Barnacles Beer or something. Might try this place out.

            Anyone know of any good casual places to get a decent meal that also serves beer/cocktails?