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Jul 27, 2009 08:00 AM

Momofuku Fried Chicken

I have a reservation for 4 people this Thursday night. Just wondering if anyone has been and if it was worth it. I haven't seen much on the boards regarding this since it was new.

I am a huge momofuku fan and love all of the restaurants.

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  1. I tried not to buy into all the chicken hype, but after going on Saturday for lunch, I still can't stop talking about it. Painfully jealous that you're going in less than 48 hours...the crunch-factor, the bowl of fresh herbs, the tangy sauces, the love.

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      We're going in August. I can't wait!

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. it's def worth it. it's inexpensive, and can easily feed 6. the buttermilk one is tastier than the korean one, but a bit too salty (still good - very juicy/!). the korean one we thought was a bit undercooked and sent back. they cooked the legs again just in case (but they thought it was a vein we hit though i am not sure, since it was kind of bloody). they also aren't super spicy like bon bon/chon. they were nice about it though and gave us some frozen sorbet afterwards. super nice fresh veggies too. we mostly skipped the mooshoo pancakes though. not necessary, except to help hold the sauces. really like the Sriracha type sauce. aside from that and the hoisin, the rest were too liquid to incorporate in the various wraps we made.

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          Awesome. I am really excited now (as if I wasn't before). We are going with 4 people, so it will be plentiful. I tried to add two people to the reservation, but they wouldn't allow me to do that. More for me, or even cold fried chicken the next day...

          Thanks for all your posts.

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            How much are they charging for the fried chicken dinner?

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              It's $100 for the table regardless of people. 4-8 is the range

          2. I went to have the fried chicken dinner last night. The dinner started with a complimentary fried skate bun which was awesome. We were only 4 people, so we didn't order anything else besides the chicken. The chicken came about 15 minutes later and after the first bite I was hooked. It was impossible to stop eating the chicken. Both chicken types were equally as good for different reasons. I personally enjoyed the buttermilk old bay battered chicken better. The Asian style wings were incredibly tasty though. The crunch of the chicken was great. The chicken was perfectly done and everyone loved it. Some people tore off the chicken and made lettuce wraps, some used moo shu pancakes, and I ate it plain off the bone. We ended up taking some of it home and I can't wait to eat it cold.

            All in all, it was definitely worth it. The chicken was as good or better than you would expect. Highly recommended. It was a lot for 4 people. 6 people would be perfect.

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                Momofuku noodle bar is serving a fried chicken dinner. You need to make reservations online at their website.

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                  Thanks so much trick!
                  Sounds wonderful!

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                    NellyNel you thinking what I'm thinking? LOL!

            1. going tonight. im excited. can anyone recommend sides? we'll be four dining. hope it compares to the bo ssam which i thought was exceptional- the rest of what i had at ssam was forgettable though. i wouldnt choose to go back to ssam if not for the bo ssam dinner. would actually try to convince a group not to go there if not having the ssam. never been to the noodle bar, but ive read underwhelming stuff about their ramen. hope the fried chicken holds up. to me, fried chicken without the southern fixins aint fried chicken. just trying to get my mind into the korean fried chicken mind set. im sure it will be good.