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Jul 27, 2009 07:55 AM

Large groups, good beer, tasty food in downtown Boston?

I'm looking for restaurant recommendations for a lower-priced restaurant with a good beer selection and can fit large groups. I'm not from Boston, but most of my friends just moved there and I'll be down there for my boyfriend's birthday. I'd like any place accessible by the T.

My boyfriend loves a good beer, and since we're recent (still poor) college graduates, somewhere on the cheaper side would be good. Pub fare and new-american food would be much appreciated, but I'm always looking for other types of cuisines as well. My BF is not a huge fan of Japanese/Korean food. Any help is appreciated!!

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  1. How big is the group? What do you mean by cheaper? Also, by downtown that usually means the "financial district". Not a lot of good cheap places in that area so I assume that you're willing to take the T to someplace reasonable nearby.

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      I'm not really familiar with Boston, so I was just vaguely throwing the downtown word around. Like I said in the post, anywhere accessible by the T would be great! Group would be around 8 - 10 people. Cheaper would be that there are entrees available around 15.

    2. I can address the beer aspect. Good craft beer selections are tough to find in downtown Boston, Kinsale and Jacob Wirth are the best in that area in my experience. Bukowski and The Other Side are the next closest craft beer spots to downtown (assuming you mean Govt Center).

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        other side is pretty small.

        there is also the rocky bottom brewery in the theatre district, boylston t stop. they brew their own, place is huge and food is in the op's price range.

      2. My group of drinking buddies usually head to the Grand Canal for Friday afterwork drinks, right behind North Station. They tend to have a decent selection of beers (nothing micro for sure!), and the food is more than decent. The specials of the day are more often than not the way to go, and nothing is priced more than $18 (e.g. fisherman's platter). The patio in the back is the real reason we head over there, along with the proximity to Red, Orange and Green lines. Cheers!

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          That sounds great, will look that place up! Thanks!

        2. Jacob Wirth's in the Theatre District has a friday night sing along. Great beer, ok food in your price range..beautiful old Boston room..sort of German beer hall.

          I'm not generally a fan of sing alongs but went with a group of hounds last year and had a good time..especially with enough beer...:)

          2 min walk from Boylston Green Line t

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            I'd have to second Jacob Wirth's. They have a great beer selection and also take reservations, which is a plus for a large group.

          2. Not exactly downtown but T accessible is the Sunset grill and Tap which boasts 300 types of beer and the food is more pub food, but alledgedly good. It's also in poor student territory of Boston University:
            It is on the Green line - I'm sure there are directions of which line and stop on the websites.

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              The Rattlesnake on boylston has a pretty good albeit somewhat pricey beer list.