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Best Service in NOLA?

Prompted by a visit to MiLa last week in which the service was haphazard at best. Very disappointing in a restaurant with aspirations (and prices) of that level. It got me thinking about the relatively few places in New Orleans with truly top-notch service. So, forgetting about the food for a moment, what are your top 3 or so restaurants for service? Mine:


What am I forgetting?

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    1. Always had great service at both Restaurant August and Bayona.

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        Just goes to show... My one and only visit to Bayona featured fantastic food and absolutely horribly slow service. For that reason alone, I would not return.

      2. My top 3 -


        1. I agree with Galatoire's and Commanders, but I'll add Brigtsen's.
          Brigtsen's is a different kind of service, as it is far less formal but much more
          personal. They all make you feel so welcome from the moment you walk in the door, attend to your every want/need, and keep it up until you leave.

          Wonderful place.

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            Agree 100% with Brigtsens. I thought I had put that on my list. While not as formal-it is a fabulously inviting place to dine and the service has always been top notch. Good call!

          2. Within recent visits, this is my list, though not in a particular order:

            Grill Room @ Windsor Court Hotel (nee New Orleans Grill)
            Brigtsen's (will admit that another poster got it right - good, but different from those above)



            1. Brigtsen's is at the top of my list. It is ALWAYS consistent and the ladies work so well together. Geautreaux's is also top notch.

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                I do agree, regarding Brigtsen's. The service is less formal than many, and is a bit on the "familiar" side, but still very, very good, and I enjoy it greatly. I do not need Le Cirque, or Le Paradou every night. To me, the service there is a great blend of efficiency and also graciousness, in a NOLA sort of way.


              2. I find it so interesting that service runs the whole gamut, from the hostess to the management, sommelier and then to the waiters. And if one part of the chain is broken, you leave with a bad taste in your mouth.

                My wife and I celebrated my 50th at Delmonico’s. We brought an exceptional bottle of Champagne with us that we drank at the bar before dinner and ordered a $95 bottle of wine with dinner. Food and service were fabulous; we were the first there and the last to leave. When the check came there was a $35 corkage fee for the Champagne. When I commented to the Manager that I felt by ordering a bottle of expensive wine I shouldn’t be charged a corkage fee the champagne (which of course I shared with the Staff), his response was; “Well, do you intend to return?” To which I answered, “It depends on how you handle this situation!” He did remove the corkage fee and we even received a nice postcard from our waiters when we got back to Atlanta thanking us for making their night (we are rather amusing), but my overall impression of that night, because of one rude, tired manager, was one of displeasure.

                Tough business.

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                  Corkage and BYOW can be a problem. In the few instances, where I have had special bottles of wine, I always call beforehand. To date, I have yet to have been charged any corkage. Like you, I do share, but I have discussed this well before hand.

                  Personally, I thought that the general service at Delmonico was very good. The wine service (no BYOW) left something to be desired. They had some work to do, but I was patient and gave good instructions. I hope that some learned from that.

                  As has been noted on several thread, NOLA is still a bit less of a "wine city," and many are still feeling their way around this aspect of dining. Some chefs/owners/GM's get it, but many still do not. There is much more to a wine program, than a few US$6000 bottles of DRC Burgs, or a '70 Latour Bdx - much more.

                  Nice that they did handle this situation for you.


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                    "I find it so interesting that service runs the whole gamut, from the hostess to the management, sommelier and then to the waiters."

                    I meant to address this, but dinner was served.

                    I agree 100%. The entire FOH is very important. I've had dinners, where the servers were great, but the host/hostess was a real "pill." Too many GM's think that a young lady in a slinky black sheath dress, who is on a cellphone, will be able to cut it. Not so.

                    I give almost as many "points" for the FOH staff, as I do for the servers, when things are good. When they are bad, the FOH gets critical review.

                    In all too many instances, I find that the host/hostess is a good indicator of how the rest of the night will go - good, or bad.


                  2. Commander's for sure...but for a casual and delicious dinne try ONE in the Riverbend