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Jul 27, 2009 07:29 AM

Mississauga or Oakville

We are going to have a small family christening i n Sept and I was wondering if anyone had a good restaurant or small hall that had good food for approx 35 people? Thank you

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  1. Not sure what your budget is, how close to the church you want to be and type of cuisine.

    I have had functions at Jonathon's:

    They are great to deal with, the rooms are nice and the service and food is very good.

    We have also had functions at Julia's:

    It is also pretty good, but not as nice as Jonathon's.

    Both are in downtown Oakville

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      Thank you we will look at your suggestions. The church is at Cawthra and Bloor area and the cuisine could be Italian or French. We don't want to spend the earth but a reasonable amount
      Thank you again