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Jul 27, 2009 07:19 AM

Pittsburgh and Fallingwater

My wife and I are taking a weekend trip to Pittsburgh mostly to see Fallingwater but I was checking this board and couldn't find anything up to date for Pittsburgh restaurants. We will likely dine in Pittsburgh for Saturday evening and would love either a great fine dining suggestion(s) or something interesting with a twist or new chef...just something where the food is worth savouring and the experience suggests people who love to serve good food. We are fine with paying for a great experience but not stuck on having to spend a fortune to have a good experience.

And if there is something near Fallingwater worth checking out for lunch or dinner on Sunday that would be great, too.

Oh and I hope it isn't raining down there like up here in Toronto...considering taking the trip by arch.

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  1. Can you provide any guidance on location (i.e., where are you staying, do you want a place with a view, willingness to travel from your hotel) and food preferences (seafood, steak, american, asian, etc.)? There are a handful of folks who can give good recs if you provide some basis for us. FYI--we generally mention Pittsbugh or Pgh in the posting title, if you want to search for some postings.

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      I suspect we will be downtown but haven't booked a place yet. We will also have a car so have some fexibility. We are very open with tastes...less likely to go for steak house. We enjoy classic French, Thai or Asian, I said we are open if it is orginal, fresh and creative

      Thanks for replying..

    2. There isn't anything right near Fallingwater itself. It's in the middle of the woods near a recreation area, and the only business I can remember being nearby is the canoe rental shop. Also, it's not a short drive from Pittsburgh. It's at least a couple of hours, because you have to work your way into Fallingwater from the freeway. Are you going I-79 or the Turnpike down? If you have a route in mind it's easier to give recommendations.

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        Not sure how we will get there yet but will likely be looking for a lunch between Fallingwater and Kentuck Knob. Possibly a dinner afterward on the way back to Pittsburgh.

        THanks for the reply.

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          Here's a thread that prominently mentions Chez Gerald and Glisan's which I was going to mention. Glisan's is an expanded diner, but what pie!! Don't pay any attention to the place in Muse. It's not in that area.

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          Ohioplye has a small coffee shop and a local food store that might interest you. Chez Gerald on the outskirts of Uniontown would give you a decent meal.

          Kentuck Knob, another Wright house, is also close and worth the trip to see how his still did and did not evolve after Falling Water. I believe that there is a tea house on the grounds.

        3. Near Fallingwater is Nemacolin Resort- their main restaurant Lautrec is good?

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            Yes, Lautrec is the best restaurant in the area. Better than Nine on Nine, Sonoma Grille, Umi, and all the other restaurants in Pittsburgh.

          2. I really enjoy the Sunday brunch at Nemacolin. They have it in LaTrec and I think it's $45 a person, but worth it. It's a buffet but everything is put out in very small batches and is always fresh. They have a very nice cold food section with nice big shrimp cocktail, oysters on the half shell, crab claws with the shell taken off and ready to be eaten, nice selection of meats and cheeses, various salads. They always have some sort of fish dish, filet, prime rib, waffles, omelets, eggs benedict, fresh made gourmet pizza, etc. I like the desserts, my mother doesn't, so you can make your own choice there. A mimosa or bloody is included, but lately we've had to ask for it, coffee, tea, and orange juice are also included. Make sure you have a reservation. They have the brunch in the Lautrec dining room. If for some reason it is not being held in Lautrec the day you are going, avoid it. We went once for mother's day and they had it in a banquet room. They put out large buffet style steamer trays of food instead of the small dishes they put out in Lautrec, and it wasn't very good!

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            1. re: Rick

              That might be an option...thanks for sharing.

            2. I have a similar itinerary for this weekend, only I will be going to Fallingwater on Saturday and camping at Ohiopyle on Friday and Saturday night. I was hoping to learn about a great bar or restaurant in the area for lunch or dinner in this area on Saturday (my Fallingwater tour is at 4.) Then, breakfast/brunch somewhere near PNC park, my ultimate destination on Sunday. Any help from the locals?

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                You might also check out the River's Edge in Confluence it isn't that far from ohiopyle (we used to bike for lunch then bike back) it is pretty good, or was, I haven't been in at least a year. You might want reservations though they get full.

                I second Glisans- it is good down home diner food, the pie and the rolls are really good.

                I haven't been the the place in the old white building along Route 40 in forever, it used to be a fairly decent italian restaurant for the area anyone been in recent years? (I think that is Route 40 the main road in that area nonetheless)

                We also used to stop on trips home from shopping in Pittsburg at the Caddy Shack in nemacolin, they used to have great sandwiches, soup and bread, I haven't been in a long time though.

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                  For brunch on Sunday I would go to Six Penn, it is right across the bridge from PNC park. In my opinion it is best brunch in town. It is not feeding trough style, it is a plated order off the menu brunch.