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Jul 27, 2009 07:17 AM

Raaw in Liberty Village

This morning, I saw that Raaw is now open. It's in the Liberty Market Building.

I will not judge a book by its cover but the menu doesn't appear to be anything special. Just a standard Toronto sushi place.

I did notice that they are what they call crab on the menu is most certainly surimi, considering the price point.

I'll give a try and report back.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Do they have a website/online menu?

        1. re: acd123

          The menu involves white tuna (likely escolar) and a bunch of weird rolls. Looks like pretty much every other sushi restaurant at this price point in Toronto. What makes them different or stand out?

          1. re: tjr

            i'm not sure that anyone has said they were different from other standard sushi joints. it's just another place for people who live/work in the area to go to. i'll try it because i live nearby, but i don't imagine it'll a destination place for anyone. it looks big, so may be a good place for a larger group that's looking for sushi.

            1. re: Kasia

              It was more of a question for after acd123 tried out the restaurant, so that we can tell whether it's worth our time. Judging by the menu, I wouldn't even stop in if I were in the area, so I'd prefer a first hand report :-)

    2. Thanks for the heads up, always exciting to see new additions to the neighbourhood.
      There is a sushi place on Jefferson I believe that we go to for lunch. It's never been great, just a quick fix for sushi cravings.
      I'll be interested to know how this place is.

      On a separate note there is a Freshii going in around the corner next to the new BMO and Brazen Head. Always good to have options at lunch.

      1. It's nothing special. Went two days ago as I was craving sushi (a rarity in this city), got the 23 dollar sashimi offering.

        Raaw is the same old standard of fish in the city dressed up with some very silly presentation: tako in a martini glass with a glowing blue fake icecube in some sort of gross yuzu sauce that they were super proud of, salmon on top of citrus slices which imparted their flavour into the flesh, which I did not want.

        Didn't try their rolls as I was hungering for some real sushi, but that's pretty much impossible to find in this city, and perhaps that's for the best. With the environment the way it is I should focus on delicious fresh caught lake fish here in Toronto and save the sushi for my trips to Japan and Korea.

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        1. re: themiguel

          If you want good sushi in the area, why don't you go to 930 Sushi on King Street West? It's got some of the best freshest fish in town. Yeah, it's takeout only and hardly cheap, but well worth it. No need to drive to Sushi Marche.